Thursday, May 31, 2012

Push The Reset Button


One afternoon disaster and my year is forever changed.  I need to quickly reset my goals so when those key  races come and go and I'm not participating, I'm won't go into a funk.

A holiday horse ride has changed everything.  I don't know what happened because I have a concussion from whiplash and I don't remember.  I do know I was enjoying several days of riding with my neighbor here around home, and now I have a broken collar bone and I'm not running for a few weeks.

With only a month till the 50 Miler and then 12 weeks till the El Vaquero Loco 50K in Star Valley, WY.  and 4 - 6 weeks of no training, I have to push reset and figure out how to have a good attitude as those races come and go and I'm not on the starting line.  Yesterday the idea of not being there was easier to deal with than it is today.

Here are some of my thoughts:

I was going to take 6 weeks down (maybe 20 - 25 miles a week tops) to rest and recover in January for next year's season.  Well, maybe now is the time to take that down time.  I need to research and see if downtime for injury is still a break for recovery purposes.  So I can call this downtime now and really be fit and strong for Athens Big Fork and Cass White Rock 50k early next year.

One can't really work toward losing weight and endurance train at the same time.  Now I have 6 weeks to loose some weight before I start training again.

I  can volunteer for those local races in which I was going to run.  I still get the family lovin' and get to serve these people I love so much.

Now remind me of this for ever starting line I miss.