Thursday, January 4, 2018

Running in 2018

Time To Stop Goofing And Set A Goal

December was loaded up with family drama.  While sitting in Chris's office I told him I wasn't as over DNA as I thought I was.  He told me I wasn't over DNF.  I started crying, I knew he had scored a direct hit with his observant insight.

I have been goofing since not finishing the Arkansas Traveller 2017 edition.  My mileage went from in the 200's a month to barely reaching 100 miles per month.

On that day I opened my 2018 training log book and laid out a plan for the Ouachita Trail 50 on April 21, 2018.  The training plan I follow is a 24 week plan, there is only 16 weeks left till the OT50.  I'm going to jump in where I am using heart rate training to keep from overdoing training.

Some goals for 2018

A road marathon - I have entered Team LOCO Marathon in Conway AR 20 Jan 2018.  Lets get this one out of the way!

Get enough miles to be in the high mileage club with my trail running club Arkansas Ultra Running Association, 300 miles in finished series runs are needed for this accomplishment.

I will run at least 2 - 50 milers.
If training allows, still respecting family life, finish a 100 miles in an official run.
Become a running coach
2018 miles run or walked in 2018

I gave up my 2x a month massages to save for something else.  I will develop a consistent yoga and rolling habit to make up for what I'm missing out on with those monthly massages.

Keep your eyes on where you are going.  You won't reach the finish lines learning from the journey if you are looking back to where you have been or if you are looking down.   Keep your eyes on the target.  

One Word for 2018

Sylamore Trail near Mountain View, AR

One Word

In 2016 I heard about a concept: One Word
I first heard or read about it from a book by Jon Gordan, Dan Britton, Jimmy Page
One Word That Will Change Your Life

Another source, not related to this book, that I discovered about a month ago is located at:

The idea is you pick one word, not two, not a phrase, one word and use it to guide you throughout the year.  At the beginning of the next year you pick another word for the upcoming year.

My word for last year was: Relationship

I have spent most my life as an anxious introvert.  When the phone rings I don't answer, when I see someone at a store that I know, I duck and dodge so they don't see me and I won't have to talk.
In 2017 Relationship helped me answer the phone, own my destructive crap that hurt people I love, accept some damage can't be fixed with some relationships, get reconnected with my church, put home life over running life.

Did it all go rosy, oh come on this is life, of course it didn't!  Life is messy.
I have two people I love dearly that do not want a relationship with me.  This hurts to no end, but owning my crap and giving them space will be the way to heal this relationship.

I learned to let go of destructive relationships.  Now this was a surprise for me.  All DNA relationships aren't necessary to a good life, as a matter of fact it may be necessary to a good life to end those relationships.  This may be something I have to accept in the two relationships mentioned above.  Maybe they see me as destructive and their path to a life well lived is ending that relationship with me.  Its mine to own, my emotions are my responsibility.

2017 was a painful but good year of so much learned and more growth happening.

On to 2018

My one word for 2018

Definition of accept

transitive verb
1to receive (something offered) willingly 
  • accept a gift
to be able or designed to take or hold (something applied or added) 
2to give admittance or approval to 
  • accept her as one of the group

3to endure without protest or reaction 

4to make a favorable response to 
  • accept an offer
to agree to undertake (a responsibility) 
5to assume an obligation to pay; also to take in payment 
  • we don't accept personal checks
to receive (a legislative report) officiallyintransitive verb
:to receive favorably something offered usually used with of
  • a heart more disposed to accept of his
  •  —Jane Austen
What will I do today to accept the lessons learned about relationships in 2017?
What will I do to accept the lessons this day will bring?

What will I do today to have a magnificent day living, learning, accepting, and ending the day liking myself and my day, having fun and loving life along the way?

Onward! Photo Taken on the Appalachian Trail in Smoky Mountain National Park
So Accept as my one word lasted a week.  I couldn't even remember it when trying to think of it. 
Listening to the Brain Software Hypnosis Podcast, Mike Mandel mentioned his and invited anyone to share or steal it.... Onward!, this one resonated with me so Onward! it is!