Thursday, April 23, 2015

24 weeks to Arkansas Traveller 100 - Journey to 100

April Fool's Day, April 1, 2015 while hiking/running/migrating at Lercher 15 Trails the decision was made.  My goal for some years was to run the Arkansas Traveller before I'm 50 years old.  That means I have to do it this year.
So while injured, having not run more than 12 miles since Jan 21st, having dropped out of the last 3 races I've entered, I came home from a trail adventure and entered the Arkansas Traveller 100, on April Fool's Day.  Some fool I am!

Yesterday while writing out the training schedule in my training log I realized this week was the first week of the 24 week training plan.  So this is week one on this journey, 23 weeks to go after Saturday.

I'm not running much so Tuesday I drug a tire 4 miles.
Wednesday I ran/walked 10 miles, taking it easy, finished with no ill effect.

Happy Training!