Sunday, November 15, 2015

Bona Dea 50K Nov 14, 2015

9 loops on a 3.4 mile bike path around Bona Dea Park in Russellville.  After the 9 loops there is an out and back to make up the last .4 mile.

My original idea was to run 1/2 a mile walk a minute.  Half way through the first round I saw Dottie Rae in front of me.  She has more experience than my children have years of life.  She was doing a run 30 seconds walk 30 seconds run.  I knew she would finish so I decided to follow her example.

So for the first 5 loops after that I did the 30 second walk 30 second run.
The transition became harder and harder, so I went to a 1 1/2 minute run 1/2 minute walk for the next 3 rounds.
For the last round I bumped it up to 4 minute run 1 minute walk.

I'm glad I reserved my energy not going out to fast but really holding it down till after the 1/2 way mark.

I have never been so disciplined in my life for race strategy.  Yes I did change up my run/walk interval schedule, but, I made myself stick with it.  Normally my walking will lag to more and more time and my running less and less.  Not this time.  I made myself stick to the plan.

16 minute PR 6 weeks after a hundred miler!  I'm so happy with that!