Sunday, August 9, 2015

Resurrecting the ice bath!

I haven't had one of these in years!
Anything to recover.  Listening to a podcast the guy talking suggested using compression wear to add just a bit of protection from the cold.
It works!
4 bags of ice, too much, the pain was real!
3 bags of ice is hard but doable.  This really is helping recovery!  

Remind me not to complain in the winter!

Friday evening it was a pleasure to meet Andi out in the Ouachita National Forest, at Lake Sylvia and the trail parking lot.  We drove out to Electronic Tower to do some loops on the hilly gravel roads.  It was so very hot!  On my way through Little Rock at 4 PM the car thermometer read 106 Degrees.  OUCH!

The plan was to take it very easy and get 25 miles.  Well......   We walked and we walked and we walked!  The sun went down, but the humidity and heat never become bearable!  So we just walked and walked and walked.  I was very pleased with our pace while we were moving, walking anywhere between 13 and 17 minute miles.  We had a few slower miles uphill.  Overall it went very well.  I'm sure it will do us good to have that walking workout.

Saturday - 25 Treadmill miles making a 50 mile weekend
It was too hot to wisely do all of this outside.
This workout was on the treadmill in an air conditioned house with two fans!
I programmed part of the AT 100 course map into the iFit. Having each segemt being between aid stations.
Run 4.73 Miles at a 13:30 pace in 1:03.51
Run 3.86 Miles at a 13:07 pace in 00:50.39
Walk 2.88 Miles at a 17:58 pace in 00:51.33
Run 8.01 Miles at a 13:53 pace in 1:51.12
Walk 5.52 Miles at a 17:48 pace in 1:38.37
Overall running pace 13:36 in 3:45.42
Overall walking pace 17:50 in 2:30.07
Rest, food, church and sleep are in order.