Sunday, January 11, 2015

We have a running club! We have a running club!

We have a running club!  We have a running club! 

Searcy Rush Running Club 

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December 2014 - Year End Numbers

Walk Walk Walk Walk, that has been the month!

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Mid December the decission was made to at least walk Jacob Wells 3 Bridges Marathon in Little Rock, Dec 27, 2014.  Running might be out, but with the early start I could walk 26.2.

This race starts at Two River's Bridge, routed east to and over the Big Dam Bridge, east again to and over the Clinton Library Bridge, then back to the start area.  From there a bit over 6 miles is still lacking.  The route goes over Two River's Bridge back into that area (I'm unsure of what that area is called).  The mileage is finished up back in that park ending at the finish area in the parking lot of the Two River's Bridge.  There is an aid station about every mile.  Even from early AM there was encouragement and smiling faces.

Running did happen :)  I did a run walk, run 1 minute/walk 30 seconds, slow and easy so very slow and easy.
Photo Courtesy of Arkansas Outside

When one babies the back to get better one also ends up babying the core.  At mile 20ish, my core decided to get even.  There was just nothing left to give.  It was challenging because walking was impossible as was running because of the opposing muscles not cooperating.

26.2 is hard, it is always hard.  We enter a marathon knowing it will hurt.  This time around, even though it hurt, I was able to keep my head in a good place.  When things started falling apart I told myself I knew how this feels and I have lived through it.  Its okay!  This mindset was a huge asset to getting though this in good spirits.  Normally by late race I am wondering why the hell I'm doing this!  I think I'm just not going to do this again, but I'm going to throw away my shoes and never run again!  This plan doesn't work out very well as the next marathon is already entered.

I give this race 2 thumbs up then 2 thumbs up again.  This would make a fabulous 1st marathon.  No hills to speak of other than the bridges, lots and lots of aid and encouragement.

2014 in Review

Miles run or walked = 1411

Not enough running, not enough core work.  If I'm going to achieve my goals I have to stop doing what hasn't been working, and do something differnt.  More running, as in more of my mileage from running instead of walking (this is injury dependent) More core work.   More strength training.

Lets bring on 2015