Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Mid-Summer Funk

Oh how I hate the mid-summer funk..... 

I can't entertain the thoughts of goofing off, not hitting my miles and all that jazz.  It has to be spot on.  No options if I want to cross the finish line in under 30 hours.  My will is to cross the finish line in under 30 hours.

Its not the woods that are dreary, it is the drive.  2 - 3 hours to get to whatever part of the course is exhausting for the 14th time.  I am focusing on the negatives.  Focusing on negatives will get more negative.  Its time to refocus on the goal.

The eclipse on the 21st of August, 2017, Monday was a nice distraction.  

Leaf patterns from the eclipse paint with light on Hero's (the horse) coat.

Last week was suppose to be a 70 mile week, I got 47 miles.  For the most part, since starting to run in May I have nailed my miles.  I have worked harder, more push-ups, more cross-training, more drills, everything than ever before.  Missing the mileage of one week isn't going to deny me the finish line.  My attitude sure could.  Its time to stay on track.  I've got this.
Next year will be an off year for the AT100.  It is of vital importance that the dream and goal are achieved this year.