Wednesday, June 6, 2018

"I Wish You Could Run It With Me" - Arkansas Traveller 100, October 6, 2018

May 1, 2018

I really buckle down to training, I have to be ready to pace Chris Beason at the AT100, 2018.  I'm committed so I need to be up to the challenge.  It feels differently than training for myself.
Eddy, Shea and I went out to the Bald Knob Wildlife Refuge for a training run.  

Me, Shea & Eddy

Eddy & Shea - very flat Balk Knob Wildlife Refuge

Beautiful Views Bald Knob Wildlife Refuge

Eddy & Shea - very flat Balk Knob Wildlife Refuge


Running is so much more fun with friends.  We don't get to run together too much, life keeps getting in the way.

When I got home Chris Beason and I started texting back and forth. 
Let me back up 6 months:
After not finishing the Arkansas Traveller 100 again in 2017 I told my husband, Chris I would give him a year break from my 100 mile training.  I told Chris Beason I would do whatever she needed, pace, crew, whatever needed to get her to the finish line of the Arkansas Traveller 2018.
We talked about her running it in 2018 with my help.  Then we would both run it in 2019 together.  We talked about how to do that and each be free to go on and finish the race if something happened to the other.

So back to May 1, 2018 after I got home from the run with Eddy and Shea Chris Beason and I started texting.  She said something like "I wish you could run the whole thing with me this year".
Well crap!  So after much back and forth with Chris Beason and much back and forth with husband, Chris Gunnoe, this happened:
Tripped over my computer keyboard and this happened! 
I will do my long runs during the weeks so husband Chris and I have weekends together.  I will have to take one of those weekends each month to run with Chris B.

So fast forward its June 6, 2018.

I have gone through every emotion imaginable between May 1 and now.  I feel like this has more reason and purpose than it has had in years, that is a good thing.
Someone I care about deeply dropped an emotional bomb on me, this has shattered two weeks of my training plan.  Its hard to get up and run when getting out of bed is almost impossible.

Monday June 4th, is my first day back on track.  While goofing and not training I still hit my miles, but I didn't train consistently for those two weeks and I didn't stick to my strict keto diet.

So now I'm back on track training again.  Its Wednesday and my workouts, runs and cross-training are up to date.  Since last Friday I have stuck to the strict under 20g carbs keto diet and since Saturday night, intermittent fasting (no food for 16 hours, eat only to full in the 8 hour window, maintaining under 20g carbs).
My weight loss is on track and comparable to 2015.  I'm doing my work and feeling strong.

Two days ago husband Chris suggested another Appalachian Trail in the Smoky Mountains adventure this year, maybe August!  I'm so stinking excited!  Hill work is needed for sure!  LOL

So this is mid week of 18 Weeks Till Traveller!

Happy Training!