Wednesday, October 26, 2011

MCM 4 days away and counting

I'm running my first ever big marathon, the Marine Corp Marathon in Washington DC.
The nerves and the excitement are running high!
This will be my first race with my brother, Richard.  This will be marathon number 2 for both of us.  I have never run in a HUGE marathon before.  I think there are 35,000 other runners of the 2011 MCM. 

Last night I woke up with a sick stomach.... OH NO!!  I'm taking lots of pepper to burn that virus out.  I don't have time for this!

Ultrarunning 101

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This is a great first step if one wants to move up from the marathon to something longer.

What qualifies me to give running 101 advice?  Not a darn thing!  I'm new to running by 3 years.  So I can share what I learn and where I learn it.

Everything you may want to know, and don't know who to ask.

I remember reading an article in a running magazine when I was new to running; "Everything you wish you could ask about running"  It didn't answer my questions :(  I will try to remember those newbie, questions that one may be too modest to ask.  You really need to know this stuff to have good runs though, so here we go.


Put any of these products including petroleum jelly like Vaseline, anywhere you may chafe.
Vaseline may stain your clothing.  I have never used Hydropel, but have heard it is worth the price to prevent blisters on the feet.  By anywhere you may chafe I mean anywhere.
Guys:  Keep The Boys protected.  Grease up or pay the price.  I have heard of and have friends who have suffered chafing to the point of bleeding on "the boys".  Guys; protect your nipples.  Bloody nipples are painful.

Girls:  Under the bra, between your legs, ANYwhere that may chafe.

I'm 45 years old and have had 2 babies..... after about an hour I'm going to "leak".  We live in a great day and age with modern technology.  I call them "granny pads" and they have saved many a run!  They have panty liner sized pads for incontinence.    These are discrete race savers!

Consider vomiting a stomach reset:
Why would we vomit during a race?  maybe we put too much into our stomachs, or too strong of just enough.  Some products are too strong for some runners.  I have to dilute sports drinks by at least 2/1 to be able to stomach it.  Too much water will make one sick to their stomach.  Too strong of a sugar mixture could also cause stomach upset. 
Too much fiber the day before race day can cause stomach distress.  Eating what you may not be used to can cause stomach distress.
A dear friend, the night before his first marathon, carb loaded on pasta.  The only problem is, he hadn't been eating pasta for months.  This was the perfect storm for a perfectly miserable race.

Take care of the girls.  Runner's World has a great article on how to choose a running bra:,7120,s6-240-320--14092-F,00.html

I will add more to this as I have time.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

new shoes and mile repeats

I have heard so much about Sketchers Pro Resistance running shoes.  They seemed to be the perfect match for me and my poor feet.  I ordered a pair online.  Sketchers..... running shoes.... not available locally.

Last night on the plan was 4x1 mile repeats.  I had fun, I knocked them out and worked hard.  Each mile was under 10 minutes, even under 9:30, but the first at 9:36.  My knees are KILLING me!  but my feet do feel better!

These shoes are suppose to promote a mid-foot strike.  If they do, why are my knees killing me?  My knees only hurt when I over-stride and heel strike. 

The jury is still out on these shoes as I only have 12 miles on them.  The last time I strayed from my beloved Brooks I regretted it and went back in a hurry.  I hope this isn't the case this time.  Maybe even with a shoe that promotes mid-foot strike I still just have to always be mindful of my stride.

Hey, at least I totally kicked butt with mile repeats!! :)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Lunch run wonder after AT100

Have to tell you about my lunch run yesterday:
I missed General Conference for my church this weekend, which is a spiritual feast to behold! I love technology! The podcast is already available. 
So pre-lunch run I listened to some of it, listened to inspirational music (Switchfoot's new album) and thought of my weekend experience.
My lunch run was the most amazing worship service (outside of Sunday Service or a Temple session) I have ever experienced in my life!
Being able to run, being able to share my experiences in this beautiful world with the most amazing people just moved me like nothing else.
I can move, I can run, I can dance and sing and play. I can work and chill, I can love. I can be loved in return.
Thank you Heavenly Father and my friend Jesus Christ for this blessing called life!