Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Lunch run wonder after AT100

Have to tell you about my lunch run yesterday:
I missed General Conference for my church this weekend, which is a spiritual feast to behold! I love technology! The podcast is already available. 
So pre-lunch run I listened to some of it, listened to inspirational music (Switchfoot's new album) and thought of my weekend experience.
My lunch run was the most amazing worship service (outside of Sunday Service or a Temple session) I have ever experienced in my life!
Being able to run, being able to share my experiences in this beautiful world with the most amazing people just moved me like nothing else.
I can move, I can run, I can dance and sing and play. I can work and chill, I can love. I can be loved in return.
Thank you Heavenly Father and my friend Jesus Christ for this blessing called life!

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