Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye to 2011

Thank you Chris!!
My dear husband reminded me, two weeks ago, that when we set goals we should try to achieve the goal.
Two weeks ago I needed 106 miles to meet my goal for the year of 1500 miles.  After an injury that prevented running for the first two weeks in December.  I made up my mind that I had given it a good try.  It  would be okay if I didn't make my goal this year.  Many more miles were run than would have been without a goal.

When Chris heard my arguments for not making my goal (he isn't a runner, but my greatest supporter), he would have no part of it.  He reminded me of my 50 mile run during the 24 hour race (that caused the injury).  He reminded me me that if I wanted it it was mine to have.

So today I ran the last 5 miles needed to make my 1500 mile year of 2011!  Thank you Chris, for helping me stretch farther than I can stretch, reach and grow more than was thought possible! 

Now on to 2012 and the adventures it holds.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Possible runs of 2012

2012 race calendar

January       15th –    Chevron Houston Marathon
February      18th      Sylamore 50K
March          4th       Little Rock Marathon
March                     Big Rock Mystery Run
April           21st       Ouachita Trail 50K   (run or volunteer) 
May           12th      Mount Magazine Fun Run 18 miles
June                      CatSmacker
July                       Full mOOn 50K
Aug           11th      El Vaquero Loco 50K
Sep                      Bartlett Park Ultras
Oct                      AT100 (Aid Station and/or pace)
Oct                      Styx & Stones 30K or Cossatot River Trail Half Marathon
Nov                      Bona Dea 50K
Dec                      LoVit Trail Marathon

2012 goals

2012 miles?  dare I?  that is 38.69 miles per week average.  Can I do it?
Finish the 50 miler in Tulsa:
Midnight Madness 50 Mile
Tulsa, OK
July 6, 2012

Lose 20 more lbs and 12 oz (thanks Andi)

Cross train once a week
Yoga once a week
Finish LoVit Trail Marathon Dec 2012  (finished the half 3 times)
Train for Athens Big Fork as a key race. Jan 2013
Play with Maggie once a week
garden once a week
Notice small acts of kindness

Sunday, December 25, 2011

One week down, one to go.

At last writing I had 2 weeks left in 2011 and 106 miles to go to meet my 2011 goal of 1500 miles.

I was ready to give myself a pat on the back for a good effort for the year, call 1394 miles very good, a huge accomplishment and go with that.

My husband pointed out to me that I was PLANNING on not meeting a goal and he wanted to know if I could live with that.   Well heck........  put that way, No.

Last week, from Dec 19 - Dec 25, I run/walked 60 miles.  Mostly run.  I'm resting today, Christmas Day.  Tomorrow I will be back out there putting in more miles.  I have 46 left to go.  I will make this gift,  thanks to Chris.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Need 106 more miles

Need 106 more miles before the end of the year to meet my 1500 mile goal.  That is 2 50 mile weeks, just don't know.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Review 2011 Goals

2011 goals
Lose 30 lbs -  No lost 20 lbs and kept it off
Run 1500 miles - on the 17 of Dec 2011 I lack 106 miles
Complete LoVit Trail Marathon Dec 2011 - no, dropped to the half again
Be ready for Athens Big Fork Marathon Jan 2012 - no, not running have a road marathon week after
Do 6 AURA and AR RRCA Grand Prix races in 2011 - YES!
Road marathon after losing 10% body weight - yes, only 1 minute 10 seconds faster, but very tired
Strength train 1x a week - LOL, no
Yoga 1x a week - again no
2 runs a week either barefoot or VFF - mostly yes, but not every week
Volunteer at least in 2 races - only 1 race, so no
Continue 100 mile months with at least 3 months increasing by 10% - YES!

This isn't a measurable goal, but I would like to have a race in which everything goes right!  LOL  It must be fun.
Thanks to Sketcher's Shape-Ups.  My feet are doing 99% better.  Pain level has gone from a consistent 8 or 9 to just an annoyance.  - Found Scott eRide Trail shoes, I'm in love
After changing thyroid meds 3 times I think it is where it needs to be.  I will know by how I feel in a month or so. - still not where it needs to be

Now I need to think about 2012 goals.... I just don't know.

Goals - Review 2010 - 2011

I found this on another web site.  31 Dec 2010: My 2010 review and my 2011 goals.  Its time to look at them and see how things turned out:

First 2010 goals
My biggest challenge for really enjoying and embracing the wonders of trail racing is this excess weight.  So......
Lose 30 lbs               No       did not lose any, but didn't gain any
Run 1000 miles in 2010             No    878.44 miles
Complete a trail marathon          No
Complete a trail 50K                  completed 3 trail 50K and 1 road 50K
Complete a road marathon after weight loss           No
Complete 4 AURA races in 2010                              Completed 5, entered 7
Weight train 3 x per week                                   no, no and no
I can't make a goal of healing my feet because I don't have the power over that.  I can follow my doctor's advice, ice, massage, everything, but I can't heal my feet.  But oh it would be wonderful to run without the pain!

2011 goals
Lose 30 lbs
Run 1500 miles
Complete LoVit Trail Marathon Dec 2011
Be ready for Athens Big Fork Marathon Jan 2012
Do 6 AURA and AR RRCA Grand Prix races in 2011
Road marathon after losing 10% body weight
Strength train 1x a week
Yoga 1x a week
2 runs a week either barefoot or VFF
Volunteer at least in 2 races
Continue 100 mile months with at least 3 months increasing by 10%
This isn't a measurable goal, but I would like to have a race in which everything goes right!  LOL  It must be fun.
Thanks to Sketcher's Shape-Ups.  My feet are doing 99% better.  Pain level has gone from a consistent 8 or 9 to just an annoyance.
After changing thyroid meds 3 times I think it is where it needs to be.  I will know by how I feel in a month or so.

Friday, December 9, 2011


My 50 mile adventure had a price, a trip to the podiatrist.
x-rays showed no damage so we figured a sprain, but it is the side of my foot, not my ankle.
My doctor, who is an endurance athlete, told me to try running after being pain free for three days.  Thee days pain free was Tuesday the 6th of Dec.  I ran one mile.  I did some plyometric drills and then iced my still pain free foot.  Wednesday I ran 3 miles and then again iced my pain free foot.
Yesterday, I wouldn't call it pain, it just feels weak.  Yesterday work was mad so I didn't get a run in.
I have to decide if I'm going to go play in the mountains Saturday.  My love of the trail would so refresh me, but I don't want to do any damage to my foot or hurt my training any.

The upcoming race is a trail marathon in an unbelievably beautiful trail.  It is rugged and hard.  I have never finished the whole marathon, always stopping at the 1/2 way point for a half finish instead of a DNF on the marathon.  It was a goal for this year to finish the whole for the first time.  We will see.  I have some hours banked for tonight.  I can come home after 4 hours of work, which means early to bed and a grand start to tomorrow.  I'm just waffling about the ankle.

We will see what tomorrow holds :)

Monday, November 28, 2011

6/12/24 Sunset Run

What does one do when they are not a bit interested in the madness of Black Friday?  Why they go run 50 miles, of course!!!

Andi Stracner and I saw this as a perfect storm, close to home, perfect weather, great support, and an easy course, everything one needs to get in their first 50 miler.
While this was an event based upon how far one can run in a certain amount of time, we had a mileage goal, of 50 miles.

Race morning found it very foggy and cool.  Five men and we two women showed up for the 24 hour adventure. The course was a 1.015 asphalt loop around a very small, Canada Goose filled lake.  The foggy morning burned off to a gentle, partly cloudy day.  One couldn't have asked for better weather.

At about mile 20 my toes were pushing on the inside edge of my shoes.  No amount of adjusting was helping so it was time to change shoes.  So I changed from the Scott eRide Grip to the Sketcher Pro Resistance for the last 30 miles.  Yes I was using trail shoes on the road, but they are so comfortable.  I think I need a 1/2 size bigger for the longer runs.

By about mile 30 hip bursitis on the right side decided to join the party.  When walking I would turn my right foot in to ease the pain in the upper part of my leg.  Running felt much better than walking.  Somewhere during the run I strained, sprained or something, the outside of my left foot.  By the time I met my mileage goal I could hardly walk, as has been the case since.

(Visited podiatrist today, Monday 28 Nov 2011)  no stress fracture, soft cast, no running till 3 days pain free

Tim was out to do his first 100 miler, and he did!
Maurice was celebrating his 70's birthday with 70 miles, and he did!!
Jesse was there to come back to ultra running.  He did with 50 miles!
After I hit my goal of 50 miles I went home.  Andi stuck around, resting and walking, resting and walking.  She logged 63 miles!  go Andi!!  Her farthest to date was a 50K (31 miles), now she can claim 100K.

One thing I can guarantee about ultra running, at some point in the race it is going to suck, if not physically than mentally, or both.  To control the physical suckage I studied up on fueling/electrolytes and hydration for ultras.  An excellent resource for nutrition is Sunny Blende - ultra marathoner and nutritionist.

The other one, the mental, I have been doing an ongoing experiment for several months now.  I am working on staying "in the moment" mentally.   When things get hard and my mind wants to race ahead to the next aid station, or the finish line, or somewhere else, if I can pull it back to NOW the race goes better.

I dedicated my last 5 miles, mile 46 - 50, to different people who I love, who inspire me, who can't run anymore and the like.  The one thought that occurred  to me was that I chose this suffering.  I have an end date on the suffering.  These, my friends, they don't have an end date on their suffering, which they didn't choose.  They were being strong, I can be strong.  The dark thoughts went away and that was the end of that. 

Someone had painted graffiti on the path.  "Brian & Amber together 4 ever"  It went on to say; "I will not lie to your, I will not cheat on you".

 I figured they had broken up before the paint dried and if they have to say it, they have already done it (lie and cheat).
Andi came up with a lil game to keep our minds busy.  We made up a different, very short story for each lap.  Brian and Amber had many adventures that they don't even know about!!  LOL

I finished 50.75 miles in 15 hours 28 minutes

Mistakes:  too many aid station stops.  With that aid at every lap, every mile, it is just too easy to stop, even if it is only for 30 seconds.
Do a better job organizing my drop bag.  Maybe even sorting fueling by time or mileage having them labeled in baggies.

Things I did right:  Stay focused!!!  YES!!!
study so much and get hydration/fueling right!!  YES!!

Andi, my dear running sister, I can't wait to run with you again!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Product Reviews

Feet are Lovin' these shoes!!  My new road show is a trail shoe!
Scott eRide Grip, women's trail shoes

I heard about these shoes on The Marathon Show podcast.
There is segments before live marathon broadcasts where the legs and voice behind The Marathon Show, Joe Taricani, broadcasts while roving through a marathon expo.  He came across either an athlete who used Scott shoes, or a distributor.... I don't remember which. 

I can't find a distributor in the US, so I took a chance and ordered these puppies online.  WOW!  sometimes a gamble pays off.  These are the most awesome ride my poor feet have ever felt.  I have used them on road and trail.  They are taking care of my feet!  I don't have nearly the troubles with stressed, strained, tired feet nor the Plantar Fasciitis flair ups since I started using these shoes.  I got mine at

Next LOVE to share Review:
iFitness running belt:
I also heard about this product on The Marathon Show.

This neoprene running belt is made to keep your iPhone, iPod, and such dry while on sweaty, or rainy runs.
Okay, all that is good... but what makes this belt great?  it doesn't bounce!!  The iFitness belt has a small pocket inside the zippered pouch for your ID, money, such like that which could fall out with one bringing their iPod in and out if it wasn't secured.

There are 6 elastic slots for gel packets along with nifty toggles to hold a bib number.
I purchased my iFitness belt was purchased the day before the MCM and I used it during the race.  Yes I know you aren't suppose to use anything new.  But I loved it, it worked, and I was able to keep my phone on me which helped with my anxiety about being among 30,000 people, and wondering how I was going to find my family after the race.

Happy running!


So what does one do after Thanksgiving?  Well..... run

I'm trying my hand at my first time race, 24 hours.
My goal is to hit that 50 mile mark.  I entered the 24 hour race instead of the 12 just in case things go slow.

My very best runnin'/racin' bud, Andi will be running it with me.  She is working her way to qualifying for Marathon Maniacs.

1. 2 Marathons within a 16 day time frame.
2. 3 Marathons within a 90 day time frame.

I'm working on the next level:
1. 3 Marathons within a 16 day time frame.
2. 6 Marathons in 6 consecutive calendar months.
3. 8 - 11 Marathons within 365 days
I'm listening to to learn about how to really handle this race and get it right.
This race will be about what I know, doing what I know, and getting rid of this cold by Friday morning!  

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Funk, Burn out, Melt Down...

Since the Marine Corp Marathon on the 30 of Oct I have been in a big funk!  Nothing is fun, nothing is relaxing, easy or even worthwhile.  Getting up, getting going, getting moving is so hard!
I heard something about some elites taking a few weeks off to refuel and recharge.  I'm wondering if this is a case of burn out.
After a week of allergy and asthma difficulties I knew expecting my body to run 50K would be insane.  I also knew that just being with my running friends would lift my spirits.  So off to the races.

I made a few goals and decided to run till I just knew it would be time to call it a day.  That was 17 miles. 
My goals were to perfectly manage my pace, from the very start of the race.  This I accomplished.  My second goal was to keep my head in the moment.  I usually race ahead to the finish line, the next aid station, the drive home, something like that.  I wanted to keep my mind exactly in the moment.  I did very well at achieving this, pulling my mind back to the moment.  It worked out very well.

Seeing, being with... and HUGGING my running family just was magic!  Today I feel so much better. 

Today I was watching running videos on youtube.  I came across one that seemed to have an answer.

"The mountains are calling and I must go".... I need a good trail run.  I need to just "be" in the mountains, just run, sweat, and just be.    Sylamore Trail here I come!
Running is the solution to my burnout!  gotta love it!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Marine Corp Marathon Race Report

 30 Oct 2011
My first Marine Corp Marathon

The plan, the workouts, the running, the tapering, the cross-training were all for a 5:30 finish. 
So when one falls short, WAY short of their goal, what are they to do with that? 
Well, I could enjoy the high notes, and I can learn from the mistakes.  Accepting what I couldn't change will also be part of the process.

This was my first large marathon, my first large race really.  Some 30,000 runners registered for this race with 20,981 finishers.  That is allot of people! for a small town country girl!

It was amazing meeting fellow Marathon Maniacs before the race. 
The Marine Corp Marathon has an amazing start ceremony.  There was prayer sessions in the runner's village before we headed for the starting line.  At the starting line we were awed with skilled parachute maneuvers, awesome aircraft and the singing of The National Anthem.  Finally the gun went off and 20 minutes later the 5:50 pace group passed the starting line.  At least we had the crowded huddle to keep us warm in the 30 something degree temperatures of that cold October morning.

The first 18 miles were AWESOME!!! A horrible knee pain got to me then, very sudden, in a place I haven't had knee pain before (lower inside). I hung with the 5:30 pace group till then (my goal). Everything after that sucked big time. It lifted my spirits seeing Chris near the finish line! I did RUN up that hill at the end! I cried in disappointment and pain while getting my medal. I have decided that the first 18 miles have to define this. It was awesome, I felt great, strong and had a blast. I need to just learn from the rest and let it go.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

MCM 4 days away and counting

I'm running my first ever big marathon, the Marine Corp Marathon in Washington DC.
The nerves and the excitement are running high!
This will be my first race with my brother, Richard.  This will be marathon number 2 for both of us.  I have never run in a HUGE marathon before.  I think there are 35,000 other runners of the 2011 MCM. 

Last night I woke up with a sick stomach.... OH NO!!  I'm taking lots of pepper to burn that virus out.  I don't have time for this!

Ultrarunning 101

Listen to ultrarunnerpodcast from iTunes or

This is a great first step if one wants to move up from the marathon to something longer.

What qualifies me to give running 101 advice?  Not a darn thing!  I'm new to running by 3 years.  So I can share what I learn and where I learn it.

Everything you may want to know, and don't know who to ask.

I remember reading an article in a running magazine when I was new to running; "Everything you wish you could ask about running"  It didn't answer my questions :(  I will try to remember those newbie, questions that one may be too modest to ask.  You really need to know this stuff to have good runs though, so here we go.


Put any of these products including petroleum jelly like Vaseline, anywhere you may chafe.
Vaseline may stain your clothing.  I have never used Hydropel, but have heard it is worth the price to prevent blisters on the feet.  By anywhere you may chafe I mean anywhere.
Guys:  Keep The Boys protected.  Grease up or pay the price.  I have heard of and have friends who have suffered chafing to the point of bleeding on "the boys".  Guys; protect your nipples.  Bloody nipples are painful.

Girls:  Under the bra, between your legs, ANYwhere that may chafe.

I'm 45 years old and have had 2 babies..... after about an hour I'm going to "leak".  We live in a great day and age with modern technology.  I call them "granny pads" and they have saved many a run!  They have panty liner sized pads for incontinence.    These are discrete race savers!

Consider vomiting a stomach reset:
Why would we vomit during a race?  maybe we put too much into our stomachs, or too strong of just enough.  Some products are too strong for some runners.  I have to dilute sports drinks by at least 2/1 to be able to stomach it.  Too much water will make one sick to their stomach.  Too strong of a sugar mixture could also cause stomach upset. 
Too much fiber the day before race day can cause stomach distress.  Eating what you may not be used to can cause stomach distress.
A dear friend, the night before his first marathon, carb loaded on pasta.  The only problem is, he hadn't been eating pasta for months.  This was the perfect storm for a perfectly miserable race.

Take care of the girls.  Runner's World has a great article on how to choose a running bra:,7120,s6-240-320--14092-F,00.html

I will add more to this as I have time.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

new shoes and mile repeats

I have heard so much about Sketchers Pro Resistance running shoes.  They seemed to be the perfect match for me and my poor feet.  I ordered a pair online.  Sketchers..... running shoes.... not available locally.

Last night on the plan was 4x1 mile repeats.  I had fun, I knocked them out and worked hard.  Each mile was under 10 minutes, even under 9:30, but the first at 9:36.  My knees are KILLING me!  but my feet do feel better!

These shoes are suppose to promote a mid-foot strike.  If they do, why are my knees killing me?  My knees only hurt when I over-stride and heel strike. 

The jury is still out on these shoes as I only have 12 miles on them.  The last time I strayed from my beloved Brooks I regretted it and went back in a hurry.  I hope this isn't the case this time.  Maybe even with a shoe that promotes mid-foot strike I still just have to always be mindful of my stride.

Hey, at least I totally kicked butt with mile repeats!! :)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Lunch run wonder after AT100

Have to tell you about my lunch run yesterday:
I missed General Conference for my church this weekend, which is a spiritual feast to behold! I love technology! The podcast is already available. 
So pre-lunch run I listened to some of it, listened to inspirational music (Switchfoot's new album) and thought of my weekend experience.
My lunch run was the most amazing worship service (outside of Sunday Service or a Temple session) I have ever experienced in my life!
Being able to run, being able to share my experiences in this beautiful world with the most amazing people just moved me like nothing else.
I can move, I can run, I can dance and sing and play. I can work and chill, I can love. I can be loved in return.
Thank you Heavenly Father and my friend Jesus Christ for this blessing called life!

Monday, September 19, 2011

At What Point am I a Runner?

I'm an ultramarathoner, but am I a runner?
I'm a marathoner, but am I a runner?
My pace is considered "jogging" by my phone app.  I can't in this lifetime "run" fast enough for my app to consider me a runner.
I wonder if when I can run a marathon at a 10 minute mile pace, will I then consider myself a runner?

A dear wise friend responded thus:
You run me into the ground. You're a runner by my standards. Besides, everyone has their own pace.You don't have to be the best at what you do, you just have to love doing it. That's how you know you're doing your own best. Just because your phone app (or anyone else for that matter) doesn't consider you as a "runner", you've definitely got the drive, the heart, and the stamina of one. There will always be someone who can run faster, but if you love what you're doing and stick to it, there's no one else who can run "better" than you.

Thank you Colby.  I needed your words of encouragement in my down moment.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bartlett Park Ultras 50K 2011

Bartlett Park Ultras 50K 2011

2009 - 9:36:26  - first ultra ever, temps close to 100 degrees!!
2010 - 9:36:44  -  temps in the low to mid 90’s
2011 - 8:34:41  -  temps in the low 80’s high of 86 degrees

This race, as all of them now days, starts the night before.  I work 2nd shift and get off work at 10:30 PM.  I had to leave for Memphis at 3:30 AM.  That means not much sleep!

Chris, my husband made sure I got my butt in bed and he set his alarm for me to make sure I didn’t sleep through mine in the morning!  Thank you Chris.

We were blessed this year as the temperatures were suppose to be much cooler than in years past.
This race starts with a small trail loop and then 4 loops on a 7 mile trail course.  The trail is single track dirt, no elevation gains but millions of undulations, twists turns and some roots.  On the first big loop a root was my undoing.  I tripped on a root and went down hard.  I twisted my right knee.  I got up dusted off and continued running.  It was difficult not to trip often because with my knee acting up I couldn’t pick up my foot enough to get over the roots.

On loop 2 I stubbed my big toe of my left foot on a stump, hit it DEAD ON!  I was afraid I broke it.
I was getting down on myself and hating this race!  The left leg hurt at the toe and the right at the knee, dang!
I forgot to take some pain killer at the end of lap 2.  I felt it during lap three.  And I fell down again, this one hard too.  My right shoulder hit the ground HARD!  It was difficult to get up that time.  I wanted to lay there and cry.

I had talked to my brother the night before.  He is going through some horribly awful crap right now.  I wonder how he can keep his head above water.  Well in that conversation he told me.  He told me that stinking thinking isn’t his, it doesn’t come from him.  So when that kind of thinking creeps in he prays.  He asks for forgiveness, he tries to forgive and he counts his blessings (repentance, forgiveness and gratitude).  If he can keep his mind in a place of gratitude then even though things still suck, his thinking will be clearer and he will deal with it better.

Well, all of this went through my mind as I got up and started moving.  I thought about Bruce, my twin from another mother, who broke his ankle 2 years ago and will never run again.  The night before I had told him I would run it for him.  We both ran that race together, first ultra for both of us.  I thought of him.  I’m raising supplies to send to Afghanistan for the Marine Corp Marathon Forward held there on Oct 30th of this year.  I thought about them.  They are in the crappiest places in the world.  I can finish this stinking race!  So all of that got me up and got me moving.  I told myself I wasn’t going to even entertain quitting because those thoughts aren’t my thoughts, I can make them leave.  So I got through that stinking lap.

Lap 4, I remembered my pain killer and a 5 Hour Energy.  That made the difference!!!  When the pain killer kicked in I was able to pick my leg up a bit better.  I ran most of this lap, only walking on the uphills.  I was happy to see the aid station that one last time.  The volunteers reminded me that I only had 5K left.  I knew I was going to PR.

With about 2 miles left I caught up to Mark aka Superman.  He is has lost over 100 lbs and has parts of his back fused.  He was running the 40 mile race, me the 50K, so I was almost done, he still had a ways to go.  We ran and talked when we weren’t running.  It was awesome to have some company.
It felt great crossing that finish line this year!!  I had overcome some challenges.  I have a better understanding of pulling ones self back when you approach your breaking point.  I understand the running for someone else.  I used to think that was hogwash, but Bruce can’t run!  that is heartbreaking!  I can run, and I would quit???

Gary Allen of The Great Cranberry Island fame posted this on his facebook page:
Paula and Haile hold the world marathon records but you hold some world records too! I know for certain you hold the world record from your front door to the stop sign on the corner. I also know for certain you have a special training route and that record is all yours too! Great happens all the time and you are a big part of it!
I needed this with all my heart and soul!  This summer has been hard on this runner’s heart!

I can’t give a list of things I have done wrong this year like I did last year.  I didn’t make those mistakes.  I don’t think I made any mistakes.

I had Gu on me - didn’t have enough fuel last year.

I am now using Ensure, which helps allot when I just can’t take another darn Gu!

I’m now gluten-free, so I had a loaf of bread in my car.  I got a slice of my gluten-free bread and took that with me to the aid station, added their PB& J and dang, we were good to go!!!  I did get the fuel I needed.

The cooler weather meant my feet weren’t soaked with my sweat.  So I didn’t get any blisters and I kept all my toe nails!!  I did change my socks half way through the race.

One of the most amazing things about this race:
After I came in, cooled off and cleaned up I joined some other runners in chairs at the finish line.  We were cheering the people coming in.  One lady came in from her very first ultra.  The smile on her face was AMAZING!!!  She is hooked!!!  She was crying with joy, her family had balloons, cookies and flowers to celebrate with her!  so amazing!!!

I’m still a drag, I’m still a no drama bore, but something changed out there.  I found I can dig deeper.  I can totally change my thinking and just get it done.  I’m glad I did it.  I’m glad I had my brother and my twin to help me through it.

Today, a day later, my left big toe is swelled and sore as can be.  My right knee is tender and my right shoulder feels like I have been beat up.  When I breath deep my ribs hurt.  I do have a chiropractic appointment tomorrow early AM.  Thank goodness!!
Finish Line at Bartlett Park Ultras 2011
Finish Line at Bartlett Park Ultras 2011