Sunday, November 13, 2011

Funk, Burn out, Melt Down...

Since the Marine Corp Marathon on the 30 of Oct I have been in a big funk!  Nothing is fun, nothing is relaxing, easy or even worthwhile.  Getting up, getting going, getting moving is so hard!
I heard something about some elites taking a few weeks off to refuel and recharge.  I'm wondering if this is a case of burn out.
After a week of allergy and asthma difficulties I knew expecting my body to run 50K would be insane.  I also knew that just being with my running friends would lift my spirits.  So off to the races.

I made a few goals and decided to run till I just knew it would be time to call it a day.  That was 17 miles. 
My goals were to perfectly manage my pace, from the very start of the race.  This I accomplished.  My second goal was to keep my head in the moment.  I usually race ahead to the finish line, the next aid station, the drive home, something like that.  I wanted to keep my mind exactly in the moment.  I did very well at achieving this, pulling my mind back to the moment.  It worked out very well.

Seeing, being with... and HUGGING my running family just was magic!  Today I feel so much better. 

Today I was watching running videos on youtube.  I came across one that seemed to have an answer.

"The mountains are calling and I must go".... I need a good trail run.  I need to just "be" in the mountains, just run, sweat, and just be.    Sylamore Trail here I come!
Running is the solution to my burnout!  gotta love it!!

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