Friday, September 13, 2013

Bartlett Park Ultras, my 1st and 20th ultra

2009 - 9:36.26
2010 - 9:36.44
2011 - 8:34.41
2012 - 8:39.50
2013 - Who the hell knows, haven't been training right.  A year long funk has kicked my butt.  Average mileage has never been less.  I know the distance can be traveled, its just doing it in anything resembling a decent time for me.  We will see.  This is a reverse taper for next week's marathon in Ohio.

2013 - 8:28.56 PR on this course! How did that happen?
The gingerbread man run with me for the first 23 miles (google it)
BAD! breathing day.
Super lack of training.
The weather was absolutely perfect and such a treat after the last month of brutal hell.

Undulations and roots are the fare of the day on this trail.  There aren't many rocks and the trail is very runnable.  There is one small loop, then 4 sevenish mile loops. 
If one wants to consider a trail 50K this is an amazing race to consider.  The RD Mike Samuelson is fabulous at putting together a perfect party. 
Even though this race falls in during a time of year that it can be HOT, this race won't run out of water nor ice!  The food is first rate.  The volunteers are the very best, and the atmosphere has that amazing, easy to love, friendly trail vibe.  One of the very best part of trail running is the camp chair and the giving folks who fill them during the race.  Many runners, when they are done, stay and cheer everyone in.  It was so grand to have my trail friends helping me and cheering me in.  WOW! 
Nicholas Norfolk was out there again with his camera.  I'm sure we will see some super photos and a great write up in Arkansas Outside

What a great day.