Monday, October 29, 2012

I guess if my good friend, Mark Cato is going to highlight me in his blog and send some traffic my way I should actually.... blog???? LOL

Thank you Mark!  Running is a better place to be because of you.

Very much has happened since my last application of ink to the page, so to speak.

I have a new job!  I love it!  I'm the office manager at Bike City, a local bicycle shop here in Searcy, AR.  What a perfect fit.
My last weeks at work at the school were hell.  My allergies, my body made sure I knew that job was killing me.  I would be so sick after a few days at work that I couldn't function.  I'm glad to get this job.  I look forward to being a blessing to Bike City.

As for running and racing.  Not much running going on, but three races run.

Bartlett Park Ultras 50K, my forth running of this race.  I was so pleased after 9 weeks of not running to finish just a few minutes slower than my last year's finish.

The next race was a local 5K obstacle course mud run.  Wow such fun!  I can't believe how scared I was at the beginning and how fun it was by the time we finished.  I did not make it over a single hay bale (big round ones) unassisted, but I did make everything else of my own power.  What a fun race.  I look forward to doing it again next year.
I was thrilled to see some friends from church at the starting line.  I love the fellowship I have with my trail running family, to have that moment with church family was just amazing.  I hope to have more of those wonderful moments.

The last race was a 30K at Devil's Den State Park in northwest Arkansas.  This race is part of the UTS AURA series.

I would highly recommend this course and this well organized race to anyone!  What a beautiful location.  What a piece of heaven! 
I did not finish <grrrr>  Some very special jackass was removing trail markers, so I got turned around a few times.  The first time cost me 2.5 miles.  I got back on track and still figured I could make it to the finish under the 6 hour limit.
Then about half way though the second 9 mile loop I lost the route again.  Apparently some jokers think it is funny to remove trail markers.  I wandered back to the last marker and looked around.  After searching for trail markers I followed the trail into a campground.  I had been in this campground before and knew the course didn't repeat, so I wasn't suppose to be there now.  At this point I decided I knew where I was, I didn't want to get lost so I walked back to the start finish area.  I traveled 18 miles that day, but no finish, no UTS points, no UTS miles.  Just a waste of a day.  grrr

I'm going to ask the race director if he can mark turns with flour next year, so that if some jackass runs off with the trail markers we can still find our way.

Upcoming races
Bona Dea 50K
Sunset 6/12/24 hour run
LoVit Trail Marathon
End of The World Marathon
Day After The End of The World Marathon

Not much running happening, my pre-accident 40 mile weeks have been post-accident 17 mile weeks.  I hope I can get the miles up and get back in shape.

Thank you Mark and the rest of your SuperFriends for making life a better place.