Monday, November 28, 2011

6/12/24 Sunset Run

What does one do when they are not a bit interested in the madness of Black Friday?  Why they go run 50 miles, of course!!!

Andi Stracner and I saw this as a perfect storm, close to home, perfect weather, great support, and an easy course, everything one needs to get in their first 50 miler.
While this was an event based upon how far one can run in a certain amount of time, we had a mileage goal, of 50 miles.

Race morning found it very foggy and cool.  Five men and we two women showed up for the 24 hour adventure. The course was a 1.015 asphalt loop around a very small, Canada Goose filled lake.  The foggy morning burned off to a gentle, partly cloudy day.  One couldn't have asked for better weather.

At about mile 20 my toes were pushing on the inside edge of my shoes.  No amount of adjusting was helping so it was time to change shoes.  So I changed from the Scott eRide Grip to the Sketcher Pro Resistance for the last 30 miles.  Yes I was using trail shoes on the road, but they are so comfortable.  I think I need a 1/2 size bigger for the longer runs.

By about mile 30 hip bursitis on the right side decided to join the party.  When walking I would turn my right foot in to ease the pain in the upper part of my leg.  Running felt much better than walking.  Somewhere during the run I strained, sprained or something, the outside of my left foot.  By the time I met my mileage goal I could hardly walk, as has been the case since.

(Visited podiatrist today, Monday 28 Nov 2011)  no stress fracture, soft cast, no running till 3 days pain free

Tim was out to do his first 100 miler, and he did!
Maurice was celebrating his 70's birthday with 70 miles, and he did!!
Jesse was there to come back to ultra running.  He did with 50 miles!
After I hit my goal of 50 miles I went home.  Andi stuck around, resting and walking, resting and walking.  She logged 63 miles!  go Andi!!  Her farthest to date was a 50K (31 miles), now she can claim 100K.

One thing I can guarantee about ultra running, at some point in the race it is going to suck, if not physically than mentally, or both.  To control the physical suckage I studied up on fueling/electrolytes and hydration for ultras.  An excellent resource for nutrition is Sunny Blende - ultra marathoner and nutritionist.

The other one, the mental, I have been doing an ongoing experiment for several months now.  I am working on staying "in the moment" mentally.   When things get hard and my mind wants to race ahead to the next aid station, or the finish line, or somewhere else, if I can pull it back to NOW the race goes better.

I dedicated my last 5 miles, mile 46 - 50, to different people who I love, who inspire me, who can't run anymore and the like.  The one thought that occurred  to me was that I chose this suffering.  I have an end date on the suffering.  These, my friends, they don't have an end date on their suffering, which they didn't choose.  They were being strong, I can be strong.  The dark thoughts went away and that was the end of that. 

Someone had painted graffiti on the path.  "Brian & Amber together 4 ever"  It went on to say; "I will not lie to your, I will not cheat on you".

 I figured they had broken up before the paint dried and if they have to say it, they have already done it (lie and cheat).
Andi came up with a lil game to keep our minds busy.  We made up a different, very short story for each lap.  Brian and Amber had many adventures that they don't even know about!!  LOL

I finished 50.75 miles in 15 hours 28 minutes

Mistakes:  too many aid station stops.  With that aid at every lap, every mile, it is just too easy to stop, even if it is only for 30 seconds.
Do a better job organizing my drop bag.  Maybe even sorting fueling by time or mileage having them labeled in baggies.

Things I did right:  Stay focused!!!  YES!!!
study so much and get hydration/fueling right!!  YES!!

Andi, my dear running sister, I can't wait to run with you again!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Product Reviews

Feet are Lovin' these shoes!!  My new road show is a trail shoe!
Scott eRide Grip, women's trail shoes

I heard about these shoes on The Marathon Show podcast.
There is segments before live marathon broadcasts where the legs and voice behind The Marathon Show, Joe Taricani, broadcasts while roving through a marathon expo.  He came across either an athlete who used Scott shoes, or a distributor.... I don't remember which. 

I can't find a distributor in the US, so I took a chance and ordered these puppies online.  WOW!  sometimes a gamble pays off.  These are the most awesome ride my poor feet have ever felt.  I have used them on road and trail.  They are taking care of my feet!  I don't have nearly the troubles with stressed, strained, tired feet nor the Plantar Fasciitis flair ups since I started using these shoes.  I got mine at

Next LOVE to share Review:
iFitness running belt:
I also heard about this product on The Marathon Show.

This neoprene running belt is made to keep your iPhone, iPod, and such dry while on sweaty, or rainy runs.
Okay, all that is good... but what makes this belt great?  it doesn't bounce!!  The iFitness belt has a small pocket inside the zippered pouch for your ID, money, such like that which could fall out with one bringing their iPod in and out if it wasn't secured.

There are 6 elastic slots for gel packets along with nifty toggles to hold a bib number.
I purchased my iFitness belt was purchased the day before the MCM and I used it during the race.  Yes I know you aren't suppose to use anything new.  But I loved it, it worked, and I was able to keep my phone on me which helped with my anxiety about being among 30,000 people, and wondering how I was going to find my family after the race.

Happy running!


So what does one do after Thanksgiving?  Well..... run

I'm trying my hand at my first time race, 24 hours.
My goal is to hit that 50 mile mark.  I entered the 24 hour race instead of the 12 just in case things go slow.

My very best runnin'/racin' bud, Andi will be running it with me.  She is working her way to qualifying for Marathon Maniacs.

1. 2 Marathons within a 16 day time frame.
2. 3 Marathons within a 90 day time frame.

I'm working on the next level:
1. 3 Marathons within a 16 day time frame.
2. 6 Marathons in 6 consecutive calendar months.
3. 8 - 11 Marathons within 365 days
I'm listening to to learn about how to really handle this race and get it right.
This race will be about what I know, doing what I know, and getting rid of this cold by Friday morning!  

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Funk, Burn out, Melt Down...

Since the Marine Corp Marathon on the 30 of Oct I have been in a big funk!  Nothing is fun, nothing is relaxing, easy or even worthwhile.  Getting up, getting going, getting moving is so hard!
I heard something about some elites taking a few weeks off to refuel and recharge.  I'm wondering if this is a case of burn out.
After a week of allergy and asthma difficulties I knew expecting my body to run 50K would be insane.  I also knew that just being with my running friends would lift my spirits.  So off to the races.

I made a few goals and decided to run till I just knew it would be time to call it a day.  That was 17 miles. 
My goals were to perfectly manage my pace, from the very start of the race.  This I accomplished.  My second goal was to keep my head in the moment.  I usually race ahead to the finish line, the next aid station, the drive home, something like that.  I wanted to keep my mind exactly in the moment.  I did very well at achieving this, pulling my mind back to the moment.  It worked out very well.

Seeing, being with... and HUGGING my running family just was magic!  Today I feel so much better. 

Today I was watching running videos on youtube.  I came across one that seemed to have an answer.

"The mountains are calling and I must go".... I need a good trail run.  I need to just "be" in the mountains, just run, sweat, and just be.    Sylamore Trail here I come!
Running is the solution to my burnout!  gotta love it!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Marine Corp Marathon Race Report

 30 Oct 2011
My first Marine Corp Marathon

The plan, the workouts, the running, the tapering, the cross-training were all for a 5:30 finish. 
So when one falls short, WAY short of their goal, what are they to do with that? 
Well, I could enjoy the high notes, and I can learn from the mistakes.  Accepting what I couldn't change will also be part of the process.

This was my first large marathon, my first large race really.  Some 30,000 runners registered for this race with 20,981 finishers.  That is allot of people! for a small town country girl!

It was amazing meeting fellow Marathon Maniacs before the race. 
The Marine Corp Marathon has an amazing start ceremony.  There was prayer sessions in the runner's village before we headed for the starting line.  At the starting line we were awed with skilled parachute maneuvers, awesome aircraft and the singing of The National Anthem.  Finally the gun went off and 20 minutes later the 5:50 pace group passed the starting line.  At least we had the crowded huddle to keep us warm in the 30 something degree temperatures of that cold October morning.

The first 18 miles were AWESOME!!! A horrible knee pain got to me then, very sudden, in a place I haven't had knee pain before (lower inside). I hung with the 5:30 pace group till then (my goal). Everything after that sucked big time. It lifted my spirits seeing Chris near the finish line! I did RUN up that hill at the end! I cried in disappointment and pain while getting my medal. I have decided that the first 18 miles have to define this. It was awesome, I felt great, strong and had a blast. I need to just learn from the rest and let it go.