Friday, February 20, 2015

Bones, Muscles, & Everything Else - Runner not Running

What a winter it has been, a sad winter

Its been a hit and miss year of not running.  What is a girl to do.
I only moved 130 miles in January, about half of them walking.  February is worse.  I may be able to get 80 miles in 95% walking.

Everything is connected.  Last winter my back went out making for an early winter of walking miles.  Things were just getting better, mileage increasing, hitting the trails, all going well.

A number of things may be the culprit, toes, back, old shoes, but life has been pain and an adventure in walking.

January 6, 2015 had my big toenail on each foot permanently removed.  That went very well.  I was still able to put in a 38 mile week.

I cut the toe box out of an old pair of shoes to be able to run while my toes healed.  A few days after that my left knee started hurting, then my right hip, then my right hip flexor, then my right butt cheek.  Its not a pain to just muscle through.  The leg will just quit moving if I try to run.
After seeking chiropractic help I found out my back/hips/pelvis is still out of alignment as it was last winter when it caused the back spasms.  Walking is slow and sometimes painful.  Running is out of the question.  

I've dropped out of Sylamore Trail 50K.  Little Rock Marathon will be a DNS.

How long will this take to heal, who knows.

Being proactive:

Lost 10 lbs this year thus far
Daily strength workouts, core, legs, arms
Daily foam roller and ball roller
Now I have started doing interval work on the bike

I won't have the miles on my legs, but my core will be stronger and I will weigh less.

What the rest of the year has to bring is yet to be seen.  I hope it involves running.