Thursday, July 31, 2014


26.25 on a treadmill
Yes, insanity!
So its in the 70's outside in the summer and this crazy chick runs a marathon on the treadmill, WHAT?????
Well, I've got some kind of bug, I feel fine, but can't get too far from the bathroom (TMI) I have felt kind of like a super wimp since breaking my arm/shoulder. I can't seem to move past 15 miles without wanting to rip my arm off and throw it in the ditch. It hurts so stinking bad. It takes me over 4 hours to migrate 15 miles, having a hard time calling myself a "runner".
Well, running a marathon on a treadmill is kind of badass. So maybe I can get my mojo back after doing something a bit on the insane side.
So.... done.