Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Wins and a few oopses

 Mt Nebo

27 Aug 2017 Race 2 in the UTS series

Team RWB Central Arkansas
This race is one of those buggers that you swear you will never do again and find yourself out there again drudging up that 18% grade mountain near the end of the race.  UGH.  Will I ever learn?  Probably not.  The win is to be able to make my way up mountain a bit faster than the year before.

One makes a lap on the pavement around the top, two laps on the trail than down the road and back up again to the start/finish line.

1726 ft of climb

Take your llama for a walk anyone!
You never know what you might see on the trail.  This couple when camping.  Llama as pack animals.  Too cute!  

Some of the views

Wins..... best time ever for this race in 3:08:26
Didn't have to come to a complete stop on the uphill

 HOT hot Training Run

3 Sep 2017
The day started in the 70 degree range, ended near 90 degrees.  Most of us handled it well though we did move slower as the day went on.  26.64 miles.

Paul Noble, Me, Eddy Light, Charles Redditt, Wes Leach
Eddy and Wes along with some others ran 30 miles the day before so it was a 56 mile weekend for them.  They did amazing.  They are ready!  I'm excited for their race.  I have a war going on between my ears for my race.  I have to remember what was taught in an article in Ultrarunning Magazine by Travis Macy, "Don't Think, Just Run"

Eddy on the back end of the AT100 course

Wes doing a bit of hills on the AT100 course

Wes put out water and a cooler.
Charles put out some water and left his van at Powerline for an aid station.  He then rode his bike to meet up with Wes at the location of the Turn-Around Aid Station.  We left Wes's truck at that location to use as a shuttle.  We all rode with Eddy to Lake Winona Aid Station location to start our run.  
It takes a very long time to set up but it was such a great way to do that kind of run.  

Wins:  Managed hydration spot on
No blisters! 

The Oopses....

Thinking too much
Doing my weekly 1/4 mile walking lunges after Mt Nebo's downhill run tweaking a knee