Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Product Reviews

Feet are Lovin' these shoes!!  My new road show is a trail shoe!
Scott eRide Grip, women's trail shoes

I heard about these shoes on The Marathon Show podcast.
There is segments before live marathon broadcasts where the legs and voice behind The Marathon Show, Joe Taricani, broadcasts while roving through a marathon expo.  He came across either an athlete who used Scott shoes, or a distributor.... I don't remember which. 

I can't find a distributor in the US, so I took a chance and ordered these puppies online.  WOW!  sometimes a gamble pays off.  These are the most awesome ride my poor feet have ever felt.  I have used them on road and trail.  They are taking care of my feet!  I don't have nearly the troubles with stressed, strained, tired feet nor the Plantar Fasciitis flair ups since I started using these shoes.  I got mine at

Next LOVE to share Review:
iFitness running belt:
I also heard about this product on The Marathon Show.

This neoprene running belt is made to keep your iPhone, iPod, and such dry while on sweaty, or rainy runs.
Okay, all that is good... but what makes this belt great?  it doesn't bounce!!  The iFitness belt has a small pocket inside the zippered pouch for your ID, money, such like that which could fall out with one bringing their iPod in and out if it wasn't secured.

There are 6 elastic slots for gel packets along with nifty toggles to hold a bib number.
I purchased my iFitness belt was purchased the day before the MCM and I used it during the race.  Yes I know you aren't suppose to use anything new.  But I loved it, it worked, and I was able to keep my phone on me which helped with my anxiety about being among 30,000 people, and wondering how I was going to find my family after the race.

Happy running!

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