Saturday, December 17, 2011

Review 2011 Goals

2011 goals
Lose 30 lbs -  No lost 20 lbs and kept it off
Run 1500 miles - on the 17 of Dec 2011 I lack 106 miles
Complete LoVit Trail Marathon Dec 2011 - no, dropped to the half again
Be ready for Athens Big Fork Marathon Jan 2012 - no, not running have a road marathon week after
Do 6 AURA and AR RRCA Grand Prix races in 2011 - YES!
Road marathon after losing 10% body weight - yes, only 1 minute 10 seconds faster, but very tired
Strength train 1x a week - LOL, no
Yoga 1x a week - again no
2 runs a week either barefoot or VFF - mostly yes, but not every week
Volunteer at least in 2 races - only 1 race, so no
Continue 100 mile months with at least 3 months increasing by 10% - YES!

This isn't a measurable goal, but I would like to have a race in which everything goes right!  LOL  It must be fun.
Thanks to Sketcher's Shape-Ups.  My feet are doing 99% better.  Pain level has gone from a consistent 8 or 9 to just an annoyance.  - Found Scott eRide Trail shoes, I'm in love
After changing thyroid meds 3 times I think it is where it needs to be.  I will know by how I feel in a month or so. - still not where it needs to be

Now I need to think about 2012 goals.... I just don't know.

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