Saturday, December 17, 2011

Goals - Review 2010 - 2011

I found this on another web site.  31 Dec 2010: My 2010 review and my 2011 goals.  Its time to look at them and see how things turned out:

First 2010 goals
My biggest challenge for really enjoying and embracing the wonders of trail racing is this excess weight.  So......
Lose 30 lbs               No       did not lose any, but didn't gain any
Run 1000 miles in 2010             No    878.44 miles
Complete a trail marathon          No
Complete a trail 50K                  completed 3 trail 50K and 1 road 50K
Complete a road marathon after weight loss           No
Complete 4 AURA races in 2010                              Completed 5, entered 7
Weight train 3 x per week                                   no, no and no
I can't make a goal of healing my feet because I don't have the power over that.  I can follow my doctor's advice, ice, massage, everything, but I can't heal my feet.  But oh it would be wonderful to run without the pain!

2011 goals
Lose 30 lbs
Run 1500 miles
Complete LoVit Trail Marathon Dec 2011
Be ready for Athens Big Fork Marathon Jan 2012
Do 6 AURA and AR RRCA Grand Prix races in 2011
Road marathon after losing 10% body weight
Strength train 1x a week
Yoga 1x a week
2 runs a week either barefoot or VFF
Volunteer at least in 2 races
Continue 100 mile months with at least 3 months increasing by 10%
This isn't a measurable goal, but I would like to have a race in which everything goes right!  LOL  It must be fun.
Thanks to Sketcher's Shape-Ups.  My feet are doing 99% better.  Pain level has gone from a consistent 8 or 9 to just an annoyance.
After changing thyroid meds 3 times I think it is where it needs to be.  I will know by how I feel in a month or so.

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