Wednesday, October 5, 2011

new shoes and mile repeats

I have heard so much about Sketchers Pro Resistance running shoes.  They seemed to be the perfect match for me and my poor feet.  I ordered a pair online.  Sketchers..... running shoes.... not available locally.

Last night on the plan was 4x1 mile repeats.  I had fun, I knocked them out and worked hard.  Each mile was under 10 minutes, even under 9:30, but the first at 9:36.  My knees are KILLING me!  but my feet do feel better!

These shoes are suppose to promote a mid-foot strike.  If they do, why are my knees killing me?  My knees only hurt when I over-stride and heel strike. 

The jury is still out on these shoes as I only have 12 miles on them.  The last time I strayed from my beloved Brooks I regretted it and went back in a hurry.  I hope this isn't the case this time.  Maybe even with a shoe that promotes mid-foot strike I still just have to always be mindful of my stride.

Hey, at least I totally kicked butt with mile repeats!! :)

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