Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 in Review

2012 race calendar
January       15th –    Chevron Houston Marathon  (PRed 5:26.54)
February      18th      Sylamore 50K   (Finished DFL)
March          4th       Little Rock Marathon   (Met goal of 5:30 actual time 5:30.06)
March                     Big Rock Mystery Run  (Super fun!  great race)
April           21st       Ouachita Trail 50K   (run or volunteer) (Ran, did okay, not spectacular)
May           12th      Mount Magazine Fun Run 18 miles  (HARD, but done, breathing problems)
June                      CatSmacker   (Horse mishap killed summer of running)
July                       Full mOOn 50K  (Volunteered)
Aug           11th      El Vaquero Loco 50K   (Horse injury prevented race)
Sep                      Bartlett Park Ultras   (8:39.50, - okay after summer not running)
Oct                      AT100 (Aid Station and/or pace) (cold wet year, LOVE the aid station)
Oct                      Styx & Stones 30K or Cossatot River Trail Half Marathon  (got lost DNF)
Nov                      Bona Dea 50K  (SLOW but done 7:46)
Dec                      LoVit Trail Marathon  (YES!  On the 4th attempt finally finished the full 8:25.19)
2012 miles?  dare I?  that is 38.69 miles per week average.  Can I do it?
Finish the 50 miler in Tulsa:
Midnight Madness 50 Mile
Tulsa, OK
July 6, 2012

Lose 20 more lbs and 12 oz (thanks Andi)

Cross train once a week
Yoga once a week
Finish LoVit Trail Marathon Dec 2012  (finished the half 3 times)
Train for Athens Big Fork as a key race. Jan 2013
Play with Maggie once a week
garden once a week
Notice small acts of kindness

2012 goals met = A BIG FAT NO!  what a year of ick, still fat, still slow, stick icky, still not cross training, still no yoga, still not managing time well.
I did finish LoVit Trail Marathon.
I have participated in every AURA UTS Series race to date.

Only 1340.20 miles this year.  With an injury I don't consider this putzing a goal, it is what it is.

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