Thursday, February 7, 2013

In Training.... :-/

The last 30 days has been very eventful.  There has not been nearly enough running going on though.  I'm changing that, starting NOW!
Monday - 6 miles
Tuesday - 4 miles
                3.25 miles bike
Wednesday - 18 miles!
                In June my family is doing a backpacking trip on the Appalachian Trail.  I can go all day, but what can I do with a 35lb backpack?  I do not know.  So training has begun.  Yesterday, 8 of those 18 miles were done with a 10 lb backpack, fast hiking.  I know I won't be fast hiking during that trip, but that was the only way to get my mileage in for yesterday.  A few different muscles hurt from 8 miles of fast walking than hurt after a run.  So things are good :)

Sylamore Trail 50K is in 9 days.  I'm not ready.  It is so tempting to drop down to the 25K.  I'm not going to though, even though I'm scared to death.  Training just hasn't been going well since May 2012.  I am 5 lbs heavier since Christmas.  Breathing is harder.

For those eventful 30 days:
            Trip to Maryland in January - by car
            Daniel's graduation in Great Lakes, IL on Jan 25th - travel by car
           Another trip to Maryland last week - by car. 
I'm so road weary!!  My husband is on the road for a living.  My heart goes out to him!!!

Off to work in the bike shop :)

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