Monday, October 19, 2015

Two weeks since Traveller

Setting a goal before a key event is a very good idea as it will help prevent one from falling off a mental cliff because they no longer have a goal after focusing on the key race.  I learned this early in my running career.

Athens Big Fork Marathon is that next key event:  January 9, 2016
There is a cut off one has to make to be able to run the full marathon instead of the 17 mile fun run.  My goal is to make that cut off and run the full.

So, I thought that was covered.  I wasn't expecting the drop of the end of the emotional earth that would come from not running for recovery.  Recovery is very important, the most at this point if I would like to make future goals.

I'm still mentally exhausted from the Traveller, more so than physically.  My feet, legs, body are all doing fine.  My ribs hurt from that nasty fall in the bath tub.  Road running, dodging cars and dancing around dogs just exhausts me!

Upcoming Schedule
I don't know which ones I'm going to run or in the case of the 6/12/24 how many miles.

Most of these runs can be found at

Nov 14, 2015 Bona Dea 50K - Russelleville AR
Nov 27, 2015 Sunset Park 6/12/24 Hour - Benton, AR
Dec 6, 2015 Rock & Roll San Antonio Marathon, San Antonio TX
Jan 9, 2016 Athens Big Fork Marathon
Feb 6, 2016 White Rock Classic 50K, Mile north of Turner Bend Store on HWY 23, NW AR
           I will run the course on the 5th if the weather is good as I'm co-RD for this race.
Feb 20, 2016 Sylamore Trail 50K (If I can get in, it fills up fast)

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