Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sylamore Trail 50K

After being perfectly tapered (or so I thought) I was so completely ready and excited for this, my very favorite trail race.  My goal time was 8 hours.
By the time I was at about 4 miles I knew my goal wasn't going to happen.  I'm completely exhausted from work.  I can't recover with work and ultra training.  Its just too impossible.

I slogged along and just enjoyed the race till the turn around.  Then I met up with Susan.  Susan is an amazing runner who was in the middle of her first 50K.  She had fallen, busting up her knee pretty bad, but she was determined to finish the race.

We ran back from the turn around together.  I thought it was totally amazing that she was so determined to get this done while really hurting!  We finished together, we run the last mile, every step together finishing in something like 9:26.

So many of my running friends were there!  Nicholas drove all the way there from Little Rock, even though he wasn't running, just to cheer.  How amazing was that!

I think the only way I can get this right, the only thing in which I can tweak is my diet.  I'm not getting enough calories as it is, so what am I to do?  I'm going back to eating clean. 

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