Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Scared and Remembering

My twin brother, from another mother (and father), Bruce Berkheimer, came in to Bike City today.
We were talking about my weekend adventure of running my first 100K.

I was telling Bruce how I had learned a few things about myself in the last few months.  At the AT100 aid station I learned I didn't have the mental fortitude to go back out in the cold, wind, miserable, rain as did the runners of that race.
This last weekend I learned that I wouldn't have gone on for 38 more miles.

Bruce grinned at me and reminded me that I felt the same way after my first 50K.  I was just as scared and overwhelmed, but just kept running.  In a few more years I would be ready for it.

Thank you dear brother!  I completely needed you to put it into context for me.

Bruce before his first marathon

My running brothers before their first marathon

Happy riding! running and just being :)

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