Monday, December 10, 2012

Sunset 6/12/24 Endurance Run

So what does a runner chick do on Black Friday?  Well, she runs that is what she does.

There were a few of us who thought this was the best way to spend the weekend.  We each had our individual goals for the race, some mileage, some longest time out there, some just to have fun with friends.

The Saline County Striders Running Club puts this race on each year.  And what a great job they do.  The dedication to this race is beyond words amazing. 

My goal was to run 100K.  Now there wasn't much running going on out there, more jogging and walking, jog/walk, jog/walk.  But finally 100K! 

I still can't wrap my mind around it all.  I think I'm still tired, 2 weeks later, from this adventure.  I'm not sure I want to go farther, but I have a feeling I will. 

It took me 12 hours to go 40 miles.  I was on the back side of the mile looped course when my body decided, at that moment, it was going to sleep.  WOW, what a fight to stay awake.  I fought through 2 more loops, than it was nap time.  I had a cot and blankets at the ready.  My plan was a 20 minute nap, 90 minutes later it was time to run again. 

In total it took 21 hours to go 62.93 miles.  It was way slower than I wanted, but I'm okay with that because with a summer of not running I feel blessed to just be moving.
I'm grateful, after 12 hours of moving, I still have it in myself to notice the beauty around.  The morning light off the leaves gave a renewed sense of hope for a new day, a new year, a new turn in life. 

Chris dropped me off before, and picked me up after the run.  I'm very grateful for his support.  I can't imagine doing it without him.  I hope I can give back to him enough to make this of value to him.

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