Monday, December 10, 2012

LoVit Trail Marathon, Mount Ida, AR

This year was my 4th attempt to finish the full marathon, and I did it!!!  thanks to an hour early start, but I did it!

This course is beautiful, magical, dangerous, monstrous, heartbreaking and wonderful.  When one is so slow, when it takes one so many tries and so many years to finally make it to the finish, it sure makes for a love hate relationship.

This year the temperature was warm and the wind was calm.  What a great day to run.

This unmanned water drop is one of the best sights to behold when one is "out there".

After 2 races pounding the pavement, it was great to be back out in the woods on the trails.  This whole area is covered with quartz.  Its amazingly beautiful in the sunlight.  Its treacherously dangerous footing with the leaves covering up the rocks and roots.

During the last 3 miles of the race things got tough.  One stride my knee was okay, the next stride I was in huge amounts of pain.  I had to stop, rub out my muscles on that leg, walk/jog a few hundred yards then do it all again.  It made for slow going.  The finish line never looked so sweet! 


  1. Congrats! Sounds like you had a blast! Better than last year! :)

  2. Thanks Mark!

    Better than last year, yes. Lonely, yes. Doing the early start I ran the whole thing alone. My brain needed that, but when one trains 100% solo, the races are great for company.

    Also, normally I can figure out life problems on the run. It didn't work this time. It was frustrating and I was crying at the finish line, not for joy, but sorrow. If I can't figure things out on the run what am I going to do?