Thursday, May 21, 2015

Just Keep Running - 20 Weeks and Counting

Monday night before our running club meeting another runner asked me what I was training for.  With hesitation I mentioned the Arkansas Traveller.  I didn't mention the "100" part.  Her next question was about the distance.  I, with timidity, offered "100 miles".
Upon saying out loud that distance I thought of how insane such an idea was, crazy, stupid, impossible, who the hell am I, the slowest of the slow, to think I can run 100 in the allotted time.
I remembered what another ultra runner, Rich Brown, told me about shutting down, shutting off, that voice!

This is week 5 of training.  I have hit every mile! I have consistently done weight training since Feb.  I am now consistently doing ab/core work.  This week the goal is to use the inversion table and power lung daily.  I have lost 30 lbs and still wisely losing.  I have 6 years of ultra training experience.  I have amazing mentors and friends to advise me. That negative voice in my head is the opposition to the goal.  I'm telling that voice to go pound sand.

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