Sunday, May 8, 2016

Last Night Women Run Arkansas - Searcy

Women Run Arkansas is a beginnings running clinic throughout the state of Arkansas.
We are blessed to have a Searcy AR location.
Malinda Byerly is the warrior woman who made this happen this year with Stephanie Brown as her brave sidekick.  
Angelique Jackson and I joined in to round out the team.
We started the 10 week free women's clinic Feb 28th.  
The amount of women who were interested this year was a bit heart warming, overwhelming and very exciting, over 200.  With the support of Unity Health it was a spectacular season!  

Yesterday, May 7, 2016 the ladies participated in a "graduation" 5K in Conway.  

What a group to show up, be present and represent their spring of hard work and Searcy WRA clinic.  It was special to share the finish line with first time 5Kers.  They can do it.  I'm sure they went home with a stronger sense of strength.  They can do.  They can stick with something, feel a sense of accomplishment and just get it done.
Was their sacrifice, of course.  Was there pain, yes, tears, maybe.  Anything we do to impress ourselves has hard in the mix.  It has to be.  Easy things do not push us, do not leave us feeling please with our efforts, with that woman looking back at us in the bathroom mirror.
I'm sure this wee little clinic helps improve women's lives by truly empowering them through strengthening them.  They become better wives, mothers, neighbors, employees.  They become better regardless of whether they are married or single, middle-aged or teenager.  Doing hard things help us develop character and by design make us stronger.

Congratulations on a race well run from February 28th till yesterday!

Now come run with us!

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