Monday, May 9, 2016

Let Your Little Light Shine

Yesterday at the Women Run Arkansas graduation 5K in Conway I had the opportunity to visit with one of my running heroes.  She has set some big hairy audacious goals for her running career over the next few years!  She publishes a "dear diary" about her goals, challenges, journey on the way to this goal.
It was heartbreaking to hear of the people who do not support her.  Those trolls who have something negative to say because she posts this in "public" on Facebook.  Some of these poop throwers are those who before this time could be called friends.
She gets so much assurance that her posts empower and inspire other women to make big hairy audacious goals and work to achieve them that for now she will keep sharing.  I certainly always hope she does.  Nay sayers do not have a vote!  They can go bury their head back in their negativity.

After the 5K and the goodbyes to Women Run Arkansas Clinic for one more year I headed back out to the Ouachita National Forest for the second of a double-long run for the weekend.
I chose to run from Electronic Tower to Rocky Gap and back.  Running a bit past Rocky Gap made it a total of 10 miles.
The Ouachita National Forest is one of the best sites to find quartz for the recreational rock hounder.  This changed the enjoyment level on those long runs because of the chance of finding a true lovely gem.
While working on my hiking skills I saw a huge flash of light as the sun reflected off what had to be a large quartz.  When this happens I stop, back up to where I first noticed the reflection and then keep it in sight till making my way to the source of the reflection.   This particular time, after finding the source, it was amazing to see how small this gem really was.  Wow did it sure light up the trail, and its so small!
Of course, being out on the trail puts the mind in high gear. I started thinking about that wee little fleck of quartz just absolutely blinding me with its sparkle!  It was just out there being itself, doing what it was created to do, and yet it is brilliant.

I thought of this woman, superhero, fabulous goal setter, runner chick and wow.  You know, she is doing what she was created to do.  She is being out there, being vulnerable, sharing her goals and her journey.  In doing so she is lighting the way to inspire others.
I hope I can remember this little lesson to use it to work on always being myself, but being my best self.  I will add hope that I can not hide my light but always put it out there while working to be my very best self.

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