Tuesday, July 5, 2016

This is Our Weekend, This is My Life - Team Red, White & Blue

Team RWB

Our regional director visit, Glad you got to meet so many Eagles Garrett! 

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People from our running group in Searcy!  woohoo! 

Firecracker 5K July 4, 2016

These guys fire me up!  A night spent breaking bread and talking about the things that matter most is a good way to recharge.

Eagle Charge Conway AR July 3, 2016 - thank you Jackie, Brent, Sandy!  you guys rock!

Annette IS running in AR.  What a great ambassador and friend! 

November 2012 while listening to Trail Runner Nation Podcast I heard about a "new" organization whose purpose is to Enrich veterans' lives by reconnecting them to their communities through physical fitness and social activities.  What caught my attention about Team RWB was the sleeves rolled up, get in there and actually work, instead of just talking about it attitude and actions.
We, the Central Arkansas leadership team, have been working hard and long to get a program that looked and felt like it was making a difference.  It is not a place we can say, "we are there", we will never "be there", but one relationship at a time we are making a difference.  People, one person at a time, are making connections, relationships and getting healthier in the process.

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