Monday, June 13, 2016

Navy 10 Nautical Miler - Sunday 5, 2017

Soon after that the wheelchair participants were off, then the rest of us.  My plan was the normal 1/2 mile run 1 minute walk.  That minute never came.  About the time it was time to walk someone would thank me for running with Old Glory.  I couldn't stop running.  At other times people would ask me if they could carry the flag.  Of course I let them.  If someone was near me and having a hard time I asked them if they wanted to carry Our Nations Colors, they always did.  They said it helped them run strong.  One guy took off with it, 10 minute mileing!  WHAT!!!  Guy, your blowing my plan!  So mid race I got a little 2 mile tempo run in there.   

Much of this course is on base.  There wasn't many spectators or crowds about, for me that is great!  The smaller race is great too, kinda like them less crowded.

It was very hard not taking walk breaks.  I kept the negative chatter out of my head.  Chrissy running every step of the 15K UP Mount Magazine the day before really inspired me!   This course is rather flat, if she can run up hill that distance, I can run a flatter race!  10 Nautical Miles = 11.5 miles.  

Much of this course is shaded.  This is a reason to be glad.  It was getting hot by the time I could see the finish line!  After crossing the finish line in 2 hours 14 minutes they handed me my well earned medal and a towel that had been soaking in ice water.  Oh that was glorious!  

Very often I'm at a road race without many people I know.  Being there with so many AR people meant visiting afterwards.  I hung out for awhile.  All the food was sandwiches and pizza so nothing I could eat.  

I drove home and was at my front door by noon.  Next up, a nap and a large meal!  

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