Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Mount Magazine 15K - June 4, 2016

Chrissy mentioned doing this race.  She had a goal of running every step of the 9 miles up the mountain.  Hills are scary, but hills make us strong.  So I said yes to this race, my first time.

We start at the high school in Havana, AR.  There is about a mile of dirt road, then turn onto pavement heading toward the mountain.  There is about two more miles of rolling road, no climb yet.  About at mile three, the first aid station, the climb begins.

I'm having iPod problems.  I have the voice over completely shut down, but it will go wacko bird on me and start voicing everything on my iPod.  So I said a wordy dird, yanked out the headphones, stopped at the aid station, did 10 push-ups for the cuss word, then headed up the mountain.

This is the summer of living bravely, so that means hills must be attacked bravely.  I have a plan for hills, if they aren't too steep to require walking.  I walk 30 steps, run 30 steps, repeat.  That is what I did, every step, never missing a repeat.  It felt great to stick with the plan and do it so well.
2.:13. 45 was my finish time with a pace of 14:31 minutes per mile.

Many of the runners turn around and run back down the mountain.
Chrissy was very tired from her effort and with a race the next weekend decided not to run down the mountain.  I set off to run till she got her car and picked me up.  I got a good 5 miles downhill running in after the 15K.

Sunday, June 5, 2016 is a race in Memphis.  Time to drive home, sleep, repeat. 

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