Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Catsmacker - Finishing off a high mileage weekend

Summer Running

One of my goals to prepare for the Traveller is go get supper high mileage weekends in, in May, June, July.  Ease off on the high mileage weekends after that, still hitting every mile in my workout plan.
That high mileage goal over four days, 100 miles.

The first of these weekends was going to be from Wednesday May 25 - Saturday May 28.  These days were chosen because Chris would be on the road and this would have the least impact on our family.

Wednesday, dodging storms 20 miles (should have toughed out 25).
Thursday, dodging storms 20 miles (should have toughed out 25)
Friday, started late, Chris coming home early, only got in 12 miles.
Saturday, Catsmacker then a few extra miles for a total of 76 miles.

After gutting out hills over the last two weekends, these runs were about race pace.  This means walking hills and just being steady!

It gets hot out there!  I'm not speedy!  So I like to start early so I can get done and there will still be people at the finish line area!  Its more fun that way.
Eddy and I started at 6AM with the run started at 7AM.  Tee and Wess decided to start early too.  We all go to the top of North Fork Pinnacle in the Ouachita National Forest and very near the Ouachita Trail.

Our goal was to maintain an ultra "race pace" throughout the whole run.

These forest service roads are either uphill or uphill, with a few downhills sprinkled in for the fun of it.  Hardly as step is flat so it makes a great training stage.  

At the 9.5 mile aid station ice was a treat to behold.  We were still working very hard to maintain pace.  The weather was starting to warm up as well.  At this location we move off the road to a trail that takes us to the top of Flat Side Pinnacle

It was joyful to make this climb to see this view!  This is one of my favorite spots in the Ouachita National Forest!

After going back to the aid station we knew even though we were only half way through the run, we were on the home stretch as most of the hills were behind us.

The rest of the run was just gutting it out on "go".

By the time we came off of Brown's Creek Road the weather was getting hot.  This last stretch of the run is on pavement.  The heat was radiating off the road.
"no complaining, this is heat training, no complaining"

Our finishing time was 5:34.19 for an average pace of 15:55 per mile.
With 1.5 miles on Sunday, the day after, the weekly mileage was 88 miles.
I'll take that.

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