Friday, October 14, 2016

Oh The Pain! Fixing The Blisters and Chafing

After finishing the Ouachita Trail 50K in April Bob Marston talked to me about challenges I faced during the Arkansas Traveller 100.
My feet!

Karen Hayes recommended Lambs Wool to me to to use around my toes to prevent blisters.  I have major blister problems most of the time.
I use Injinji Sock Liners, so the traditional way of wrapping the toes with lambs wool won't work.
This is the procedure I use to keep my feet snug and blister free for miles and miles.

Supplies:  Lambs wool, scissors, lube of choice, bandages, Injinji sock liners, Drymax socks
My big toe is a big problem!  I have the least problems with Hoka One One shoes.  But... that leaves me with what I call the Hoka blister on my big toe.  So it gets special attention.  Before applying the wool I apply the lube to help keep the wool in place while I pull on the Injinji sock liners.

Lube, then wool

secure this extra padding on the big toe with a large bandage
sometimes paper tape is needed around the bandage to make sure it stays in place for 40 miles +

Lube each toe

cutting the wool the proper size to fit, make a cap for each toe, place over the end of toe

Carefully slip on Injinji sock liner not dislodging the wool covering each toe

Blister problems on the heel, no problem, same procedure. Lube, wool, sock.

pull on Drymax sock over Injinji sock liner
For the lube I use for feet:
1/3 petroleum jelly
1/3 baby diaper rash ointment
1/3 aloe jell
5 drops DoTERRA Lavender Essential Oil

During the Arkansas Traveller 100 - 2016  I didn't wrap my big toe in this method.  I paid for it.

I did have to add a layer of wool at Lake Silvia between the two socks, under the ball of  my feet and under my heels.  All went well after that.  So last year, taking my shoes off 5 or 6 times and spending over an hour on messing with my feet.  This year, 9 minutes, that is all I spent on my feet.  Those big toes are nasty, but I think I could have gone the whole race without messing with my feet again.  I DNF at mile 48 with a sprained or torn calf muscle.  Race recap here.

Lube for other delicate areas:
1/4 petroleum jelly
1/4 baby diaper rash ointment
1/4 aloe jell
1/4 intimate silicone lube of choice, I used this, Wet Platinum 
5 drops of DoTERRA Lavender Essential Oil

Many times when I'm alone I have to apply lube around my body under the bra strap.  I have found a kitchen spatula does the trick in reaching those hard to reach places behind my back.

Last year my hydration pack ate my back up.  I was bleeding by the time I got to the finish line!
It was a bit extreme, and in the heat it didn't help, but no chafing!

I purchased a Nike short sleeved compression shirt one size too small (medium instead of a large)
wool under the strap around my body,
Make sure there are several gaps in the wool as it shrinks as it gets wet and dries, so it needs to be able to do that without constricting your chest.  I didn't understand this and had to cut it in several places during the race.

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