Monday, December 12, 2016

Sweet Spot 50K Russellville AR

31 Miles Will Hurt, Should Hurt

The annual Bona Dea 50K came to a close when the Bona Dea governing body, maybe the city of Russellville, stopped issuing permits for any race.  Tom Aspel and PoDog found a very nice alternative taking us back to trails vs paved bike path.  That is always nice.

Saturday, November 12, 2016
Russellville, AR
8:00am start

Race #4 of the 2016 - 2017 AURA Ultra Trail Series
  • The race is on the Ouita Coal Company Mtn. Bike Trail at Illinois Bayou Park.
  • The trail is a 7.1 mile single track lollipop shaped loop with 316 feet of ascent and descent.
  • We will run 1.8 miles out to the loops. Then do four 7.1 mile loops. Then run back to the start makes 32 miles.
  • There will be 1 aid station and 1 water drop on each loop. No drop bags.
  • Directions: Just off I-40 Exit 78. This is one exit west of Hwy 7 in Russellville. Take Exit 78, Hwy 64 east, towards Russellville and the parking lot is on the left just before you start crossing the lake. See Map. The sign says Illinois Bayou Park.
  • Race directors: Tom Aspel and PoDog Vogler.

The race started at 8:00 AM.  I had to make it home then to a reception that night so with permission I started at 6:00 AM.  Its weird being on one of these runs, that isn't a hundred, and needing a headlamp.
I had completed the first lap and was into the second when the first runner from the normal start passed me.  The runners continued passing me as the miles went by.
Their wasn't hills to climb, their was lots of little ups and downs, bumpidy bump bump.
Their wasn't many rocks or roots either, but that random one, or that random stump sure did take it's toll on the runners.

As the day warmed up, not too warm, it was nice to see the deep blue sky and feel the warm sun.  This summer has been so danged hot, with that heat hanging around for most of the fall.   This day was a true treat without melting heat.

The main aid station was very well stocked with anything the heart could desire!   Halloween candy, cheese puffs, baked goods galore.  

Unmanned water stops are very appreciated too.  A quick refill and off we go. 

Someone turned that smile into a frown.  I was looking forward to seeing the smile to help me smile, but after about 27 or so miles, I guess this is more real.  

Some of the views that make the soul happy.

I finished, in 8:21.58.
I'm glad I went.
I'm in a funk, so going was hard.  The funk, like a bonk, will pass.

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