Wednesday, December 28, 2016

6/12/24 Hours at Sunset Park - Benton, AR

Shopping and peopling just aren't ever on my list of favorites.  So the weekend after Thanksgiving

I think this graffiti gets refreshed every year.  The first year Andi Stracner and I made up a new story for this couple with each lap we made.  It helped the night go by.  

I love the look of the little lake as morning comes on

The week leading up to this event was spent fighting off and losing the fight to a cold.  So it was an easy choice to drop from the 24 hour to the 12 hour event.

The plan was to walk for 12 hours.  I knew a strenuous effort would not be good or me.  A trail run a few weeks before showed me that my calf was not ready for such craziness.  So this run would be about moving, that is all.

That is all I did too.  Maybe walking 80% of this run got me though 50K, then a drive home.  I didn't suffer prolonged cold or ill effects from this effort.

The first rule of running is to run in order to run another day.  That one I succeeded with.

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