Wednesday, December 28, 2016

LoVit Trail Marathon - 4 Dec 2016

A week before the LoVit Trail  Marathon, an ugh escaped my mind and lips while looking at a the forecast for this day.  Rain, wind, cold was on the menu.  OH NO!

I asked Chrissy how one determines if they are being wimpy, sandbagging it, or determine not running it is the best course of action.  She told me if I'm not gonna have fun, that is the determining factor.  Yes, I need that reminder that this is supposed to be fun.  

I remembered the Athens Big Fork Trail Marathon last year.  I ran the 17 mile fun run.
Run Report Here.
It was cold!  We got snowed on!  I had a stinking blast!!  So the decision was to run this the same way, have fun and take pictures.  

With race director's blessing I started an hour and a half early.  This race is HARD, lots of rugged climbs, so I wanted to be sure and have the time to complete the full marathon.  

Photo Sara Pilgrim - Meeting Sara at the aid station
Long before I got to the turn around aid station those that started at the official start time caught up to me.  It was fabulous to have Sara catch me.  She sure is so supportive and she gives great hugs! 

Hickory Nut Aid Station (turn around)
Aid station volunteers give so much.  We are moving, we are seeing the sights doing what we love.  They are in one place for hour upon hour no matter how wet, windy and cold.  They are the reason we can do what we do.  

There was so much beauty to see, appreciate and dance with out on the trail.

Photo by Steve Griffin - Trail/Run/Rain = smile
Steve has a camera with him on his runs.  He likes documenting the event through pictures.  Thank you Steve.  He brings out the smile in us all. 

By the time this comes into sight I was so completely ready to be done. 
A wordy dird escaped my lips upon coming upon this.  Oh I was ready to be done.  I forgot we detoured off the main road to this path in the last mile of the race.  Oh well..... if one runs 26 miles, finishing it up on a paved path should be doable.  LOL

Yes I will be back!
Yes I will start early.
Yes I will race myself, my time, my effort.
Yes I will have fun.

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