Thursday, December 29, 2016

Blown Away and Very Happy For It - My First LuLaRue Experience - I feel pretty, oh so pretty!

 First we need to talk about direct marketing.  It is a beautiful thing.  How does it work?  The company, instead of having middle men and advertising has a system set up for consultants, advocates, etc.  This allows people to make a bit extra income part time, at home.  The big factor one needs to realize is that in direct marketing one isn't selling the items, they are selling the opportunity. Then thing two is to not be a jack hat to those who say no thank you to the opportunity.  Good grief, just be nice.  Its bad customer service to bully anyone who isn't interested.

I was so timid about direct marketing in general that I would appologize and explain over and over again that I was a customer friendly and "no thank you" friendly wellness advocate with DoTERRA Essential Oils .  A woman who was interested in oils helped me learn to knock it off.  Direct marketing is just one more way to move products that solve problems.  Sara has some absolutely fabulous heath, diet, nutrition products that are useful to fuel anyone including the endurance athlete. Visit Sara Pilgrim's Isagenix site.

Now on to LuLaRoe.  I don't know when Kim Seemiller, our daughter, tried her first article of clothing by LuLaRoe, but after that first wearing she was hooked, the leggings are the most magnificent, wear, comfort, design, fit.  What more could a girl want.  Visit her here.

She invested in LuLaRoe starting her own business.  I still wasn't interested.  I'm not a leggings kind of girl.  I wear t-shirts and short, or t-shirts and jeans.  I don't wear t-shirt type dresses.  Nope I'm not that kind of girl.  Kim invested in this.  I saw her excitement and was very excited for her.  I pray for her success and send anyone interested her way.  I support her 100%.  Well LuLaRoe has t-shirts and workout capris so I could support Kim personally.  At least that.

 We visited Kim over Christmas.  She had a few racks of inventory, leggings, skirts, tops, cover-ups, dresses.  I was more than willing to try some things on.
To say I have body image issues would be an understatement.  Trying on clothes is a traumatic experience to be done only when absolutely necessary.   It would help if I indulged in adult beverages before, during or after trying on clothing, but me not being a partaker, would go for a run and a cry after the most unpleasant event of clothing shopping.

I trust Kim.  I saw the time and effort she was putting into learning her trade while she was visiting us in November.  So I put myself in her loving hands.  Oh my, was my mind blown away!

The cut of the pieces of clothing are woman friendly.  The fabrics feel fabulous, its oh so much more than "just t-shirt fabric".  I tried on skirts, tops, dresses and ...  wait for it.... leggings!
I had fun!  what, wait, what!  Yes, I had fun.  I felt pretty.  I still feel pretty days afterwards.  I have never had a shopping experience that was so pleasant, fun, respectful of a woman and her normal body issues.

I would highly recommend LuLaRoe for every woman!  Sure, some will say "no thank you".  The sizing is a bit different than the rest of the fashion market/industry.  When you can I would highly recommend going to an in person show that first time to try on and see how these pieces fit you.

I'm still grinning on the inside.  I love it that there is clothing hanging in my closet that I look fabulous in and they feel great!  Thank you to Kim and LuLaRoe for the best clothing shopping experience of my life!
Kim Seemiller

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