Friday, May 19, 2017

Run More - 2017 AT100 Finish Line in 29 Hours or Less

Training Starts Now!

Catsmacker tomorrow is the closing "party" for the AURA UTS Series.  This was the first AURA run I participated in way back in 2009.  This was the first time I met these crazy trail runners and found my forever family, a place I finally belonged.  Over the years I have run some full runs, some half runs so called Kitty Run, and even missed some.  It holds a special place in my heart and even though the date changes from year to year, it is my AURA anniversary.  I look forward to the hugs, laughs, maybe tears, sweat and rainy run tomorrow with friends old and new.
This year The Catsmacker is 22ish miles long with the Kitty Tickler option of 12ish miles.  80 - 90% chance of rain with thunderstorms with temperatures in the mid-70's.  Spring/summer rain runs are a favorite for me.  Its so amazing to be out there, wet, warm, amazingly at peace and happy.

I'm still not running.  Yesterday was the first morning run for Run Searcy Loco, a running group to try mimicking Conway's Loco running group.  We laid down three miles with a run/walk.  I was okay, my foot was okay.   

Mandy, Eddy, Kara, Lisa

Later in the afternoon I took Mikey  to the wildlife refuge for a walk.  We hadn't been out there in two months and Mikey sure was missing walks/runs with Mama.  Well, with all the rain of late, flooding rain, days of 24 hours of rain, not much out there was accessible.   We got two miles in.  My mistake was to wear my Chacos with no ankle brace.  I was "just" walking.  Well, that mistake may have set healing back a bit.  It was a bit more sore for the rest of the day.

Flooded Road in Bald Knob Wildlife Refuge
So on to the plan:
Yoga 2x a week
Strength training 2x a week
Heat Training - Mow the lawn in the hottest part of the day as needed (push mower)
Run more in the morning
Use the evening "runs" as a hiking fast practice
Eat smartly - use Faster EFT to control behavior
Meditate daily at least 5 minutes
Push-ups for negativity and cussing

20 weeks + 3 days till the Traveller.  This foot will slow my mileage down.  I will be stronger when I can run.

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