Sunday, July 7, 2013

Midnight Madness 50 Miler, Tulsa OK July 5, 2013

Its done!

 5 laps
 51.5  Miles
14:35:27 Hours
Start time 11:59pm 5 July 2013
Have to be done by  3PM 6 July 2013 to be an official finisher

Lap splits:
                Miles  Split        Total
 1:    10.30 2:27:25 2:27:25
 2:    20.60 2:34:53 5:02:18
 3:    30.90 2:48:59 7:51:16
 4:    41.20 3:03:28 10:54:44
 5:    51.50 3:40:43 14:35:27
The best part of racing is meeting up with the AR trail family. 
 I do go for the hugs! 
The plan:
Finish the damn race, this was unfinished business as last time only 4 laps were completed.
Keep TailWind in my hydration pack, count on that alone for electrolytes and hydration.  No over-hydrating allowed. 
Never go too fast, I know my pace, don't let excitement of the moment push me
too fast, too soon.
As soon as the sun comes up, cover up, hat and arm sleeves.
Keep mantras in mind:
 "I can always unbonk"
"Of course 50 miles is going to hurt"
"DNF hurts worse than hurting hurts"
Mark, Me, Elizabeth, Susan, Heather, David

Cliff, Tammy, me, Stacey, Jen, Deb, Tina

5 loops, opposite direction each loop staring counter-clockwise

 I ran the first 2 laps with David Whitmore from NW AR.  I hadn't met him before this event.  We
were traveling at about the same pace so decided to keep each other company.  I'm grateful because
those dark, nightime hours weren't so dark in my head!  By the end of lap two my hip flexor was really hurting, so David went on at his pace.  I could no longer walk that pace.

My toes had been doing fine on my last few training runs/walks, heat training.  I really didn't expect troubles, but oh, trouble happened.

By mid loop 3 I knew the hot spots were getting serious.  I kept splaying my toes trying to keep them from rubbing against each other, and kept moving.  By the end of loop 4 I knew I had to do something about them.  I took my shoes off to an awful mess.  The toes that weren't blistered on the top end were blistered on the bottom.

Blisters on the bottom too, and on feet, Oh The Prize
 I popped the blisters, re-wrapped the toes, changed shoes and headed out. 
Before making it to Turkey Mountain Aid Station 6 miles into the loop the friction between my socks and the bottom of my feet were making their own nasty mess (never had this problem before).  The area between the balls of my feet and my toes were on fire, felt like ground meat!  Getting to the aid station confirmed my suspicions.  I popped those blisters, gooped up the feet and set out for the last 4 miles at a nice hobble. 
My plan was to run 30 steps/walk 30 steps.  By the time I ran the whole downhill I was done with that.  UGH, The time remained to walk it in so that became the new plan.
Elizabeth Kimble and I had worked out a plan, if she felt like it, after she finished her race she would come back out and walk me in.  There she was 2 miles from the finish line, waiting for me with an encouraging smile.  I was so happy to have her company. 
I started talking about everything that has pissed me off in the last few weeks.  I apologized for being so negative, but noticed I was walking faster!  LOL  Before long we saw the finish line.  We saw Chris waiting for me not too far from the finish line. 
Normally I try to run in.  No  way, I didn't care!  walking it in was fine with me.

Elizabeth Kimble came out and got me.  Thank you!

I don't remember this!  LOL

I'm not going back.  Pavement sucks, heat sucks.  This unfinished business is now finished!
18 Arkansans went to this race, all 18 finished!
I love the direction of each loop changing that way we can see and interact with others as the race goes on.  The encouragement really helps.
If one does proper heat training, if one is looking for a 50 miler, or a first 50 miler this is a good pick, make sure you love pavement! 

I need to work on the blister issue!  UGH, I don't know what to do.  Someone suggested a mixture of petroleum jelly, aloe jell and Desinex.  I'm going to try that along with Injinji socks.  I have used the Injinji toe socks and blistered before, but maybe with the toes of my shoes filled clear full of this goop I won't blister. 

Not pictured, nor running, but very much a part of the adventure was Nicholas Norfolk.  He updated the world on everyone's progress with social media.  He was so encouraging and supportive after each loop.  Thank you Nicholas!  Hugs to you!

Nicholas and me before the Little Rock Marathon March 2013

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