Thursday, July 9, 2015

Review - Happy Tummy!

Ginger Soother

I actually found something that works and I'm so happy about it!

What a discovery this has been!
Browsing about Good Measure Market in Searcy is a normal grocery day thing for me to do.  I love the new products and all the gluten-free options.  In my hunting and poking about I found this and wondered..... hmmmmm...

Most races I have stomach issues.  When my tummy decides it has had enough it s hard to continue to take on calories.  This makes for hitting the wall, bonking, its just not good.  So if my tummy will stay on the team with me, things will go better.
I mix this in my hydration pack:
full bottle, 12 oz Ginger Soother
60 - 70 oz water
2 Nuun tablets

I have used this during four long runs (at least 4 hours) and the tummy has stayed on the team.
Loving this product!!  

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