Sunday, June 3, 2012

One Week Tomorrow

I have been reading up on healing from a concussion.

One isn't suppose to do activities that require concentration.  This healing requires brain chemicals to return to normal.  Concentrating interferes with that process, or slows it down.  So I can't work my body and I can't do anything of value with my brain.  What is a girl to do?

I think the Wyoming race will just have to wait till 2014.  I was considering my fitness level for a race in 12 weeks when I have to take 6 weeks off.  I never even considered what running a race at altitude might do to my brain.
I would like to try to get into The Flying Monkey Marathon in TN this fall and then next March run the Bataan Death March Memorial Marathon in New Mexico.  I think when I get totally frustrated about missing the El Vaquero Loco 50K in Star Valley, WY I can consider these other adventures to sooth my pouty heart.
Another thing to consider is maybe a short bucket list trip with family before Daniel goes to Navy boot camp in November.  Boston, Philly, The Grand Canyon, maybe these would be amazing trips!

So today's activity, sleep, sleep, watch TV, read scriptures (but not remember what was read), visit my dear horses and watch TV.
Eating has been perfect as has been drinking lots of water.

I look forward to volunteering for AURA and UTS races until I'm running again.

Tomorrow will be a week since life went sideways.

I'm counting my many blessings, one by one.  Things could be so much worse!!


  1. Just rest up and get healed up, you took a hard fall. I am sure a little rest will also heal up anything thats been nagging you while running and bring you back with a much stronger body.

  2. That is my hope. On so many podcasts the interviewee takes time off and comes back stronger than before.
    How are you doing? Hope your healing, running and God is good.