Friday, June 8, 2012

"Your Horse Is A Reflection Of You"

Today is a heartbreaking day.
Maggie came to us January of 2008, she was a 12 year old, green broke, brood mare.  But she was beautiful, wonderful, magical and amazing.  I love her refined face, gentle nose and sensitive eyes.

After much ground work I started riding her, and it has been a challenge.  During a bareback ride in Aug 2008 she threw me and I broke my shoulder.  After very costly medical care and extremely painful physical therapy we were back to our adventures again.

Over the years she has registered her protest by trying to buck, quite a few times, but I was ready and able to contain it and deal with it.  May 28th mishap number 2 struck.  This is described in an earlier blog post.

Today Maggie had to find a new home.  I will ride her if she is here, she will buck if I ride her, this is a true disaster waiting to happen.... again.   I pray her new home will be a blessing to her and to those who purchased her.

I watched a documentary tonight about horse trainer, Buck Brannaman, called Buck.
At one point he told some horseman at a clinic that "Your horse is a reflection of you."  

I have to think about this and see what I have to learn about myself from Maggie.  Every time life is going well, she bucks.......

Tonight is a night of tears and great sorrow......

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