Wednesday, June 6, 2012

National Running Day

Yesterday, 6 June 2012 is the anniversary of the D-Day Normandy invasion of France during WWII (6 June 1944)

Less important, yesterday 6 June 2012 was also National Running Day.  I'm grounded from running!

We had a meet up of the Searcy running family at 6pm to have a fun celebration.  So the ladies all went off for their run, I went for a walk with two 7th grade girls.  Oh wow, so much fun!!!  Not a stump was left un-jumped on, not a stick was left un-played with.  Snakes were targets of rocks, branches thrown in creeks, laughing, taking about New Direction (good thing I saw their picture and heard about them the day before, whew!).  Blackberries are ripening, so a feast was had, flowers were savored.

What a new way to spend a run, and what a bright happy way to see the world, through the wonder and joy of 13 year old eyes.  What a blessed treat for me!!!

We walked 2.5 hours, and weren't quiet for a step of it!  LOL

My oh my, the blessings of life!!

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